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Labyrinth of the Mind
Short stories, whatever else.
Lady Cayenne Garithos
Cayene Garithos is the b*****d daughter of Othmar Garithos, born just before the second war to her father and the sister of Ricolne Blackwood. Fearing dishonor, her father reluctantly sent her away to train as a priestess of the light, away from the prying eyes of other nobles.

After the third war, she was reunited with her father who was incredibly glad to see she had survived the plague and war, and she joined him and the remnants of Lordaeron in rebuilding their kingdom. During this time, she was legitimized by her father and thenceforth was considered a true member of the Garithos family by blood and name.

During her work with her father, despite being only only 14, she proved herself to be well skilled with the light, and her faith in her father and the rebirth of Lordaeron gave her an incredible will and connection to those forces. Together they tried to protect and rebuild humanity from anyone who would threaten it.

Eventually they met with Sylvannas Windrunner, though the dark lady did not take much note of her, as the forsaken queen did not hold Garithos in high regard, so she certainly had little to no respect for his b*****d daughter.

Sylvannas promised them the Capitol City if Garithos and the remnants of Lordaeron would help her take it from the dreadlords. Believing that Sylvannas had truly been freed from the Lich King's grasp, Garithos decided to trust her, since the elves and humans were once allies despite Garithos' misgivings towards them.

His trust was terribly misplaced, however, as once they had taken back Lordaeron, the Banshee queen turned on him and the last remnants of Lordaeron and killed them in cold blood. Cayene, her eyes filled with tears after witnessing the violent execution of her father, fled into Tirisfal glades, but she was chased down. It seemed that the Dark Lady was intent on erasing every trace of Lordaeron nobility, as they hunted Cayene tirelessly. It wasn't long before she was pounced on by a forsaken rogue from behind, her throat slit and left to die alone in the cold forests of Tirisfal.

Cayene lay on the cold muddy earth, her eyes glazed over with death, a pool of blood soaking into the dirt around her. Her life was leaving her, and she felt incredible despair. All was lost: Lordaeron, her father, and even her own life. Just when she was ready to give up and forsake the light entirely, she felt a cold hand press against her head.

"Do no despair, child. Death will not be the end for you," were the last words she heard before the darkness consumed her and she plunged into the realm of death.

She woke an unknown amount of time later in Naxxramas, surrounded by necromancers from the Cult of the Damned. They had raised her as an undead, and she looked around in confusion. She was told that the scourge were nothing but mindless slaves of the Lich King, but she quickly learned that she still retained all of her faculties. She looked down at her corpse-like body with despair, feeling she had been cursed for an eternity.

"Do not be afraid, Cayene. You have been brought back for a specific purpose. The Lich King has great use for you. Consider this as a gift, not a curse. You will learn much from your time here." A voice spoke to her. She looked behind her, and before her was a terrifying, floating skeletal being. It was the lich Kel'thuzad.

Kel'thuzad explained to her many things. He explained to her the history of the Lich King, the Burning Legion, and the meaning behind her resurrection and the existence of the scourge. Being a priest, she was at first hesitant, but Kel'thuzad explained to her that the light and shadow were merely two halves of the same whole, and those who rejected one for the sake of the other were ignorant fools.

He also told her that the Lich King, and perhaps the light itself, had chosen her to be a Herald of the Lich King. Her family name gave her some sway among the remaining nobles of Lordaeron, even among the Forsaken. She was to go to Lordaeron and spread the word of the Lich King, and to gather those who were still loyal to Lordaeron and Arthas to join the Scourge. With her help, Lordaeron would be reborn under King Arthas, and together they would all bring forth a new age of undead, creating a force powerful enough to stand against the Burning Legion itself.

Cayene sensed a tremendous renewal of the Light within her after hearing these words. She surged with holy energy, her faith renewed ten fold. She embraced Kel'thuzad, to his surprise, then fell to her knees before him.

"I accept wholeheartedly. I will be your most faithful servant, and I promise to return Lordaeron to it's rightful ruler." She said, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Pledge your loyalty not to me, but your King." He told her, and she nodded.

Together they went to the Lich King and Cayene pledged her loyalty and service to him. He assigned to her several retainers, and put her under the tutelage and authority of Ricolne Blackwood, a Scourgelord who had onced served as a retainer of Prince Arthas himself, and also Cayene's uncle.

Their first mission came from Kel'thuzad, who told them of a noble family in the western plaguelands who had become troublesome as of late. The Barov family was a wealthy family with control over much land, one who Cayene was familiar with and who she held much resentment for. The family had outlived it's usefulness and needed to be replaced with a more loyal noble family. Kel'thuzad ordered the new Heralds of the Scourge to completly wipe out the Barov's so that they could never claim Cael Darrow again. Cayene eagerly agreed, acquiring the aid of some adventurers through trickery, and having them barge into Scholomance and kill the Barov's residing there.

After all of this, Cayene declared herself Lady Cayene Garithos of Cael Darrow and claimed the fortress as her own. From this place the remainder of her operations would be carried out. Soon, she would have Lordaeron reunited, either voluntarily or by force. She preferred the latter, hoping to one day see the Dark Lady punished for betraying Cayene and her Father Othmar, and most importantly for betraying the true king of Lordaeron, Arthas.

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