Chapter 30:

Artemis sent Drizzt and Jarlaxle back to Skyrim to at least let Evelyn's friends know she was okay. It takes some time, but he was able to get her to take a much needed bath. Took him to even figure out where it was in this place. He helps her out of the robe and gets her into the warm water. There's new scars on her body, burn marks left behind from the magic. He's careful as he runs his hands over her back. Once she's clean, and dried, he hands her her bag. She sticks with wearing a robe because it hurts to much to put on armor. Not that she needs it right at the moment. A few days pass, she doesn't sleep much and her eyes haven't changed. By day three she slowly starts to come around. She leaves her house with Artemis, showing him around. After all this was her home after so many years. There's a large tree in the middle of the town. As well as a large statue. But it hardly feels like her home anymore. There's no point on staying any longer then what was necessary and soon leaves with him. The fighters guild can find a new leader without her. She's surprised to see Shadowmere waiting for them. This too had once been Shadowmeres' home some two-hundred years ago. She smiles weakly as she pets the horse and slowly gets on. Artemis takes the front and she leans onto him as he takes them home. He takes it slow however, if it bothers her, she doesn't say anything. But she had to point out which way to go since the only way he found her was through magic. And he rode so fast he didn't keep track of how he even got here.

Once he was sure he was on the right path, she lays her head on his shoulder. Once they pass the border, she lets out a low sigh. "Thank you...I'm sorry you had to chase after me." He glances back, but shrugs. "It's nothing less then what I've done. Only difference you didn't burn down the place." She moves slightly at this. "Damn I didn't think of that..." She chuckles slightly as she lays her head back on him. "I don't even really remember much. Just that I had to find Mernon....I just can't..." She lets out another sigh as she closes her eyes. "I can't wrap my head around it. I wonder if it was worth it..?" "Considering he's now a pile of ash, I doubt it." He shakes his head slightly as they ride. It's taken longer to get this far since he didn't want to travel to fast. But Shadowmere seems fine after going this far. She realizes its the same thing that had happened to him. More or less and she wraps her arms around him, hugging him tightly. It's a horrid feeling, to think the one person she thought loved her, didn't think twice on throwing her to the wolves. It takes two days to reach Whiterun. Once there, all she really wants to do is go home, her real home. Breezehome feels so much warmer then her old home. She slowly moves upstairs to her bed and flops down. Artemis kicks off his boots as he joins her. He's aware she needs space, but she seems to be fine with him around. Once he was laying next to her she moves closer to him. He doesn't mind as she lays her head on his shoulder.

She's just happy to be back where she knows she can call home. People she can call family. Once she's feeling better she'll let her family know she's alive and well. But she's so tired after everything that's happened. Which is understandable. But Artemis assured her they know and will give her space for as long as she needs. No doubt the twins had told most of the story to her fellow Companions. After a moment or so, she turns to him. "How did you find me so fast?" He points to her weapons belt. "I had a feeling something strange was going on. So I slipped the magical pin Jarlaxle used on your belt." She lets out a low. " never asked if you were okay.." "I'll live, not sure what hit me, but my ribs have healed..." She runs her fingers over his stomach. Not even she's sure what hit them, but they made it out of that alive at least. She pauses a moment as her eyes go wide. "I didn't imagine my tormentor try to use Charon's Claw." "No." She lets out a nervous cough. "You're telling me that thing could have done the same thing to me?" He doesn't answer at first. "Yes, there was a chance. But something told me you would be able to handle it." There's a part of her that wants to throttle him for that. But decide it's in the past, she won the respect of the weapon. That or it was scared of her, one of the two.

"The other Thalmor?" "Are dead, they didn't really stand a chance." She chuckles slightly at this. "That doesn't surprise me." She nuzzles into him, holding him close to her. She closes her eyes, relaxing a bit. Though she still finds it hard to fall asleep. It slowly hits her, she can't sleep because she had gotten so used to wearing her amulet. Her hand moves slowly, rubbing her neck. The one thing she had left of her father was gone forever. Her eyes water slightly at this as she buries her head slightly. She jolts a bit when she feels his fingers through his hair. "You're still upset..." She lets out a low sniff. "That b*****d broke my amulet to prove a point.." She lets out a deep sigh as she sits up, rubbing the back of her neck. "It sounds to stupid..." He sits up slight as he looks at her. "No it meant a lot to you." He hadn't really noticed until now she no longer had it. She looks down a bit, keeping her hand on the back of her neck. "I know I can replace it. Hell if I wanted to I could just wear something else..." She goes quiet for a minute as he places his hand on her arm. "It wouldn't be the same." He's smart enough to know how deeply that amulet meant to her. After holding onto it for so many years and now it was gone. He remembers the prison, but he's not even sure he would be able to find it. After a minute or so she lays back down, so far to tired to keep fighting and falls into a deep sleep. Once he was sure she was deep sleep he slowly gets out of bed.

He gets dressed and slips out of the house without a sound. Once outside of Whiterun he summons Blackfire and heads off into the darkness. It takes an hour and a half to reach the prison and slowly makes it through the river. He heads inside and makes his way deep into the building. He finds the same spot Evelyn had been kept and starts to check the area. It takes several minutes, but he finds pieces of a broken amulet. He picks up what he can and puts it into a small satchel he had. He quickly leaves and gets back on Blackfire, quickly making his way back to Whiterun. However when he makes it back to the gates he looks down. He's not sure who would be able to fix this. An idea crosses his mind and he makes his way into the town. It was morning by now as he makes his way through the market. He remembers Fralia and the jewelry she sold. The older woman smiles brightly when she sees him. "Good morning my dear, what can I do for you?" He shuffles a bit, still unused to people liking him for no reason. He pulls out his satchel and hands it over to the older woman. "There's a broken amulet in there. Can you fix it?" She slowly takes it out and her eyes go wide. "Oh dear, what happened?" He's not sure what to tell her. "Someone ripped it off Evelyn's neck and crushed it. It belonged to her father..." She gives him a warm smile. "I'll do what I can my dear, you're such a wonderful husband~" He's about to correct the old woman, but she's already off to go get help from her own husband. It's a losing battle with that one so he lets it go.

He ends up waiting at the stall for awhile, allowing Evelyn to get some much needed sleep. A few hours pass and Fralia returns with the amulet. "I had to get a new chain made, but my dear husband was able to fix the amulet itself." She carefully hands over the now fixed amulet. It looked good as new. "How much do I owe you?" She shakes her head at this. "I wouldn't think to ask for you to pay me." Artemis twitches his lips at this, but he's not going to fight the older woman on this. "Evelyn is such a dear woman. She saved my son, it's the least I can do for her." He bows his head to her as thanks. "Tell her I said hello and I hope she's feeling better~" He waves his hand as he makes his way back to Breezehome. He quietly makes his way back inside and up the stairs. Like always, whenever he steps away she's cuddling her pillow. He wonders if this is a old habit or its her looking for him to hold onto. He's not sure, but she does it a lot. He doesn't want to wake her after what she went through so he sits at her side. He's willing to wait for however long it takes. She does wake up several hours later. Her eyes are still the same, which concerns him just slightly. "How are you feeling?" She lets out a deep yawn and stretches her body as she sits up. "Better, thank you...have you been sitting there this whole time?" "Just a few hours, here." He holds out his hands to her. She blinks as she holds out her own hand as he drops the amulet into it. She blinks at this, her fingers brushing over the amulet. "What's this?" "Your amulet, I...went back to the prison and had it fixed..." She looks at him in pure shock. She never expected him to go this far for her.

She never asked him and figured it was a lost cause. Tears quickly fall down her face as she tightly wraps her arms around him. Almost knocking him off the chair. "Thank you!!" She even kisses him a few times before placing it back around her neck. "It looks so new, who fixed this?" "Fralia, or her husband, Eorlund. She was more then happy to help." She's still in tears and this time she does knock him to the ground. She's just so happy, there's no way she could ever possibly repay him for this. In the end she just ends up hugging him for awhile, repeating thank you over and over again. He's not totally used to all of this, but he slowly places his hands on her back. He doesn't mind just holding her back. It takes her awhile before she slowly pulls away. She rubs her eyes as she smiles brightly. "Sorry for that." He shakes his head slowly. It makes him feel strange to see her so happy. But he kind of likes this feeling. She's not sure how long she sits there with him. But there's a knock at her door. She blinks and looks at him before slowly pulling herself up. He joins her as she makes her way down to her door. When she opens her door, there's Fralia. The older woman smiles brightly. "I see you got your amulet back." Evelyn smiles back and hugs her. "Yes, thank you. Tell Eorlund thanks as well." She blinks as she moves back. "What brings you here, this late at night?" It's fairly late into the night. "I was on my way home and wanted to check on you. Also I wanted to give you something personal." Evelyn wasn't expecting that as the woman hands over a small box.

Inside are two silver rings. One is pure silver, the other has a small pure sapphire stone set in the middle. "Fralia these are lovely, but what are they for?" The woman just waves her hand at this. "Oh no need to be so bashful. I see the love between you and your man to know. I wish you two a happy long marriage. I know the temple gives you rings, but I wanted to make my own gift." Evelyn is at a loss at this as she looks at Artemis. He just rises his shoulders at this. "Um...thanks?" She looks so happy as she hands over her gift. "Have a lovely night~" She turns to leave and Evelyn closes the door. Her brow rises as she looks at the box, then him. "Did I miss something?" "She has somehow got it into her mind I'm now your husband." She's even more confused at this. "Since when?!" She doesn't want to be rude, but last time she check, they were not married. "I didn't have the heart to tell her otherwise." He doesn't really have a weak spot for people. But Fralia has this caring mother role down so hard it effects him. She takes out the rings, looking them over. Fralia must have had her husband make these as well. "She's to much sometimes." She doesn't really expect him to take it, but to her surprise he takes the silver ring and places it on his hand. He makes sure it fits, then acts like it was no big deal. She lets out a soft chuckle at this as she takes her own. She normally doesn't wear rings, but it would be rude not to.

"I take a days nap and I end up married..." Her brow rises ever so slightly. "So does this mean we get a wedding night?" He smirks, but shrugs, leading the way. She had no issue following after him. She's far from tired after all and takes no issue to spending some time with him. They last a few rounds, falling asleep just before dawn break. A few hours pass and she ends up waking up. He's already up and dressed so she joins him. They eat and soon make their way out to Jorrvaskr. The first person to greet her is of course, Farkas who lifts her into a tight bear hug. She just giggles at this as she hugs him back. "Happy to see you too." He lets her down after Vilkas shakes his head at this twin. Farkas blinks however as he looks at her. She starts to feel slightly nervous. She really doesn't like it when people stare at her like that. "What?" "You're eyes are different." She tilts her head, but he holds up something so she can see for herself. This is the first time she has seen for herself her eyes have indeed changed. "They've been like that since..." Artemis lets out a low cough, he hadn't really said anything. Thinking they might change back to normal. So far that hasn't been the case. Evelyn blinks as she runs her hand under her eye, getting a closer look. "How strange...well I can still see fine.."

She turns to Artemis. "You didn't say anything." "Didn't think it would last this long." He answered her honestly. She's not sure what to make of it. She blinks a few times, but it's clear whatever had happened, her eyes are going to stick like that. "Well, at least I can still see, it doesn't look to bad does it?" She tilts her head at Farkas. He looks her over, but shakes his head. "As far as I care you're still you sister." She smiles at this, he was always the honest one. "Well I'm fine now for the most part. At least I can move without something hurting.." She rolls her shoulders a bit as she smiles. Farkas ends up hugging her again, just happy to have her back. Everyone was happy to see her back and were just thankful she was okay and in one piece. She was just happy to be standing after everything she's gone through. She's already been tortured once in her life. Most of the burn marks of her skin have healed and faded on their own. Any that linger she can get healed over time. But for now it's the last thing she really wants to worry about. She's just looking forward to moving forward from all of this. Drizzt makes his way over and claps her hand. "Glad to see you're well." "Thank you...dare I ask where Jarlaxle ran off to?" Drizzt just gives her a helpless shrug. "I don't really think we want to think on it to long." She makes a face, not really wanting to know more, getting the idea. "Well at least he's behaving..." She lets out a low sigh as she shakes her head. At least it was one less person se had to worry about.