I was planning on doing a best shiny list, but I think I've talked about shiny Pokémon enough, literally every time I bring up the series, shiny's enter the convo. The criteria this is all personal preference, I have is no Legendaries, no Mythical, and shiny colours absolutely do not influence my decision on who gets on this list.

So, again, just like every other year, I'm a day late. It's my own little tradition at this point, but I decided I'm going to do the popular thing this year and post my 25 all time favorite Pokémon. I'll be counting down to number one, so join me, won't you?

25. Espurr. #677. I really love this funky little psychic type. They're cute, and they can be pretty strong with the infiltrator moveset. You'd obviously be better off using Meowstic, but I dunno, I like Espurr better for the memes and I like how gosh darn cute they are.

24. Eiscue. #875. Ice Face. This is literally a decision based on the fact that I love penguins. Eiscue is cute! They're a penguin with an ice block on their head. It can even be a good sweep Pokémon with the right move set. This was a Pokémon I discovered in the game on my own, I try to avoid spoilers of new games as much as possible, but SwSh was hard, since I picked the game up so late. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I ran into it, and I kept it on my team during the post game.

23. Chandelure. #609. I think that Chandelure is both really well liked and yet there isn't much in the way of merch? The few plushes I've seen of this Pokémon always end up being either cheaply made knockoffs or very expensive figures. Which sucks, because I've come to love the way they look, and I also really love how macabre the pokedex entries are.

22. Mimikyu. #778. This kind of feels like a cop-out because I think lots of people have this one on their lists, but I can't help it. Mimikyu is just a Pokémon that elicits a weird kind of sympathy from their dex entry, and then you just end up using them as a joke, and then they turn out to be really good Pokémon because Disguise can be pretty game breaking.

21. Duraludon. #884. This dragon type is so much fun. I think it's a great Pokémon, but it's a pretty tough to use properly? Its speed is okay, but it's Sp. Def is pretty awful, and most of the sets I see for it need like 0 IV's in speed. Regardless of how unruly this Pokémon can be, I like them for the motif they have and their Gigantimax forms.

20. Vivillon. #666. Out of all the Butterfly/Moth Pokémon, Vivillon is my absolute favorite. They just barely beat out Frosmoth for the spot, but I always loved how unique Vivillon was with the different wing patterns. It was a lot of fun looking for your favorite kind, it seems the series has defaulted to the Meadow Pattern, but the best is by far the Ocean Pattern, followed by Monsoon, and Savanna. I'm pretty sure I have the Pokéball Pattern one, too. I really hope they bring back the other forms one day, because of all the default patterns, the meadow one is the worst one. (The other patterns may be available, but I don’t know? I haven’t played enough of SwSh.)

19. Falinks. #870. Check out my little spartan soldiers! With their little helmets and murder formations. They make me smile with the way they move and, honestly, they're a tough little cookie. I'm super happy they're not a dual type, too. I think it would have been harder to use this Pokémon viably. But not only are they excruciatingly charming, they super strong!

18. Feraligatr. #159. Y'all, it's my best boy from the beyond. The first game I played obsessively was Pokémon Silver, immediately followed by Crystal. I chose this good boy both times, and man, it really was like playing on easy mode. Everyone was an easy fight, and then I got surf, and before I knew it, I was nearly thirty levels ahead of my entire team. Which didn't matter because I don't think my Feraligatr ever fainted once.

17. Pyroar. #668. I love the big danger fire kitty. There is a bigger danger fire kitty, but I like this one best. I just like how majestic and pretty they are. I also really like male/female versions, because they could have easily gone the plain route and not given the massive flowing warrior ponytail to females compared to the mane the males have. They're magnificent, and the male Pyroar is so goddamn lovable.

16. Galarian Rapidash. #078. I had been waiting for a Ponyta/Rapidash form for a long, long time. I love the fairy/psychic typing, and I used them through most of my playthrough in Shield. They're incredibly majestic, and I'm thinking of shiny hunting them, but I haven’t touched Shield in almost a year. Regardless, Rapidash was a Pokémon I’d considered my favourite when I first played Blue, so I feel nostalgic for it.

15. Houndoom. #229. Another really good boy. Houndoom was the only other Pokémon I used in both Silver and Crystal besides my Feraligatr. They were also the only Pokémon who ended up above level 40 by the time I finished the game, all the other Pokémon were under level 20. I learned how to play the game by Sapphire, but yeah, I haven’t used Houndoom in years, but I still get super nostalgic for them. And I shiny hunt them every game.

14. Gengar. #094. I actually think Gengar is the second most popular Pokémon besides Pikachu. Perhaps more popular because while Pikachu is the series mascot, Gengar is one Pokémon of many and that found popularity through fans. I, in no way, am the hugest fan of this Pokémon, I love them a lot, they were such an awesome companion if you managed to get them on your team. It was so hard to get someone to trade with, but it was worth it for the end result.

13. Alolan Raichu. #026. This is definitely one of my favorite reginal forms. Alolan Raichu takes the surfing Pikachu theme makes it all its own. It’s so dang cute even I have a plushie of it. This was a Pokémon I used in both Moon and Ultra Moon, and it really made those games bearable until I got to the end game. Also, it’s dex entries are cute.

12.Tyrantrum. #697. Okay, not only do I love this Pokémon for how it looks, but I also love, LOVE, it’s shiny. That royal blue is totally incredible, and for real, I adore Tyrantrums’ design with the massive flair on the back of it’s neck and just how regal they are. It’s really the only fossil Pokémon I’ve ever used viably, I even restarted X and traded over a Tyrunt and they are game breaking early game.

11. Empoleon. #395. Ah, the Pokémon starter from the gen that got me back into the series. And then I spent a looooong time playing Diamond and Empoleon was my favorite Pokémon for, like, eight years. Also, as I mentioned, I absolutely love penguins, and Empoleon is such a great companion, I go back to Gen IV just to see my boy again.

10. Aegishlash. #681. You know, a sword Pokémon sounds like really cool, and then you wonder how it would actually work, and you’d probably come up with something very similar to Honedge but creating Aegishlash is some galaxy brain s**t. Not only a super viable battle Pokémon, it has a lot of potential to grief and defend, they’re the best in terms of double battles, but even alone, they can deal some serious damage. Honestly, a great Pokémon, and super cool looking.

9. Alolan Vulpix. #037. This is my favorite re-design/regional form of all time. I adore Alolan Vulpix. The slight opalescence with it’s shimmering fur as an ice type, the cute puffy tail, the eyes, the little tuft of fur on its head. It’s unbearably charming, it also has the distinction of being the only Pokémon besides Pikachu my mom knows.

8. Luxray. #405. Gen 4 had a lot of bangers, and it’s funny because much like gen 6, I find gen 4 is one of the most criticized gens. I’ve heard everything about this one from ugly sprites to bland Pokémon design. I think Luxray is too good for that. Besides being a great electric type, the move pool can be pretty extensive, allowing for a lot of surprises.

7. Milotic. #350. I don’t have a lot of Gen 3 Pokémon. In fact, if you’ve noticed, I have no other gen 3 Pokémon on this list. To be honest with you, I find that the gen 3 designs kind of plain, and the Pokémon I do like out of that gen are not my favorites. Feebas and Milotic, on the other hand, are easily some of my favorites just because the reveal of leveling up an impractical fish into some majestic sea snake. I dig it.

6. Garchomp. #445. What a powerhouse. Garchomp is an all around solid Pokémon, super strong, great mega evolution, awesome move sets, hella viable. I’ve always ended up having Garchomp in my team again, and again. Of course in X/Y, I had a shiny Garchomp that I Mega Evolved all the time. Not only that, but he’s also a land shark and that’s actually hilarious to me.

5. Starmie. #121. Okay, it’s hard not to notice, but there was a long time where I favored water type Pokémon and ONLY water type Pokémon. I have a battle deck dedicated to the Starmie card from the original deck in the late 90’s, and that was the only time I ever played the Pokémon cards competitively, I think. It’s actually thanks to finding some of cards I had back in the day that encouraged me to buy a pack a few years ago, and then get more cards. It’s all Starmie’s fault.

4. Eevee. #133. My sweet summer child. I chose Eevee above all of the eeveelutions because I’m a cheap piece of s**t and I like to cheat. Eevee basically encompasses all the eeveelutions so in this case, I don’t leave out the eight forms out, because I love them all. But also, Eevee is the cutest little mess of genes and DNA. This unstable cutie has always been a sure member of my party, followed usually by most of the eeveelutions afterwards. If you wanna get technical, this actually a top 33 list, but let’s keep it simple. The only Pokémon I believe I would have filled this spot would be Sylveon, but again, I love them all.

3. Blastoise. #009. The original water starter, and yes, I know, I know I have four water starters on this list but LISTEN. I love them. That’s it, that’s the tweet. Blastoise is one of the best, a great Pokémon, a bomb mega evolution, and my very first starter, my very first evolution, my very first Hall of Fame entry. Blastoise will always have a special place in my heart.

2. Greninja. #685. The last starter I have on this list. Greninja is less for sentimentality and more so how ******** awesome they are. A hella strong Pokémon with a very diverse move pool, incredibly high speed, and devasting sets, I just love to use them, and they’re viable with low effort. I think Greninja is the best starter of all the water types, and truthfully, ninjas are cool.

1. Arcanine. #059. My all time favorite Pokémon. I don’t even think I can really justify it? I just really love Arcanine, I’ve always used him, always had Arcanine on my team at least once every game since Gen I if I could find him, or trade him in. At this point, Arcanine is the Pokémon I think of when I hear my favourite and as more time goes on, He’s always on my favourites list somewhere. He’s a big fire dog, he’s loyal, he’s quick and he’s fluffy, he’s practically all the best parts of a companion.

And there we have it. My favorites! I think I’ll continue to do post throughout this week, I was hoping for some updates (Which we got) so now I can return to our regularly scheduled updates on games!