1) Looking for someone but not finding then as I walk on the sidewalk through a small town ( Not the one I actually live. )

As I walk asking people "Have you seen ______ ?" Though the name is unclear as if its in another language or dream gibbrish speak.

I keep walking never finding the person.

2) I am at a small gathering of friends at a restaurant, we all ordered food an are waiting for the waiter to bring our food back.

Its a nice restaurant with nice lighting an potted plants ar decorations at the diviiders between tables, we me an my friends chat ( I dont know any of these people as my mind made them up, so they are not really "My Friends" )

We talk about weather, the news....ect till our food is brought to us to eat. We all got the same thing? surprised xd

3) ( Waking Dream ) My Mom calls out to me in the dark, Im in my room sleeping.

" Its going to be 2:00am soon, get up! " she says...