It is vindicating to know that he finally made it on to the staffs radar after years of his abuse. This yoyo has caused my endless struggles on this site. Stalking, harassment, vague posting, slander, fraudulent reports, threats, threats of doxxing, used a post where i said i was feeling highly vulnerable in 2020 to all the violence and anger, was being attacked outside between work and home and at home, on here in my community i was being attacked and judged based of the paleness of my skin, lumped into a trump camp, called a conservative, racist, phobic, supremacist. NON OF THESE THINGS DO I HOLD IN MY HEART AND ******** YOU FOR TRYING TO FORCE THESE LABELS ONTO ME. I said i FEARED HURTING myself or others and you reported me for threats against national security and the well-being of the gaia community. Instead of a suicide watch message from a mod i got a BAN.

So thank you for self-destructing, it's made me feel a lot better.

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