Yo. I have no clue why I'm doing this, but, whatever. xD
Some of these questions scare me, though.

1)******Love me, BIZNATCH! O:&******
Am I sweet?-
Am I crazy?-
Am I lovable?-
Am I funny?-
Am I ugly?-
Am I psycho?-
Am I annoying?-
Am I a good person?-
Am I hot?-

2)******Would You******
Miss me if i was gone?-
Listen to my problems?-
Hug me if i cried?-
Be a good friend?-
Kiss me if i asked you to?-
Kiss me if i asked you not to?-

3)******If You Could...******
Give me a new name it would be?-
Hook me up with someone who would it be? (Not a celeb.) -
Hook me up with a celeb who would it be?-
Do one thing with me it would be?-
Drop me one piece of advice it would be?-
Make out with me would you?

4)******Just A Few Questions******
What do u like about me?-
What do u hate about me?-
What is my best quality?-

1. Who are you?-
2. Do you have a crush on me?-
3. Are we good friends?-
4. Do we know each other in real life?-
5. Is my avatar hot? (dont need to answer)-
6. Whats your fav. kind of music?-
7. Will you put this in your journal so i can answer these questions about you?-

cheese_whine dramallama
Now, does that look wrong to anyone else?

Ohemgee! I joined a tetris party in towns. Fuuuuun times. <3
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I'm one of the red blocks. ;D