Ah! To see my adorable little sprite in the background of the first picture!!! >u<
Yay the helpers are here!! They are your humble supporters and working hard with you. emotion_bigheart
It's amazing how you got them to show such personalities and emotions.
I need to start learning how to make those emotions show in my art, all I got is happy and happy only lol.
It's so great to see your process through each art piece and Wow! To be able to erase all that shading and blush like it was nothing! I know if I did that it was going to be an automatic fail.

Awww snow already. We had some early Oct for a week and now nothing.
Usually it starts at least by the end of November here, but already into December and still nothing crying
I hope it comes soon, but I feel like it will be a blizzard and cover the town in feet of snow.

I can't wait til you reopen lol I'll try to get in line for it like a person waiting for a huge sale.
My sister is a big Washi tape collector she goes to the Dollar store any chance she gets to see the new stock.
Eagerly waiting heart