Hello! So if you haven't seen my thread on reccing me the worst shows, animes, cartoons, and movies you've ever seen for me to suffer through and review, I decided to take up a challenge where I get people here on Gaia to recc me what they feel is or are the worst shows and movies ever. Or ones they kinda find as a guilty pleasure or even overrated shows. This can include animes, cartoons, regular live action shows (like Supernatural or The Flash), asian dramas, and even movies.

What sparked this little idea? Well, while watching a youtube video that announced ThunderCats Roar was being cancelled. I got to thinking about how in this day and age, a lot of shows are wayyyy overhyped or they're like so flipping bad but no matter how much people complain about siad bad shows online, the show still remains on line (urggh curse you Teen Titans Go). And then we have really awesome shows that are good and amazing but yet they get the shitty end of the deal and are like constantly shuffled around on the tv schedule that they either get very long hiatuses or they're cancelled after not being ball pull in decent ratings (Steven Universe got treated this way in terms of going on a lot of long hiatuses and being shuffled around on Cartoon Network's airing schedule and ThunderCats 2011 reboot was treated badly due to an inconsistent schedule, which in turn caused low ratings and low toy sales so yea) and also not to mention Disney's habit of doing all of these halfassed remakes (The 90s 101 Dalmations live action reboot is probably the best live action remake of any disney movie to date but that was during Disney's renaissance era!).

So yeah, then I decided to ask around for the worst of the worst and I'm starting off with Sword Art Online. While I have seen the first two seasons or animes of this series before, it's been awhile so I forgot a lot of stuff and I do remember that it didn't leave that much of an impression on me. So, it should get better during my second time watching it right? Maybe. I have to figure out how I'm even going to review each season. I'll probably do a string of minie reviews for like certain story arcs or episodes or something and then when I finish a season I'll give my overall thoughts on it.

While watching Sword Art Online, I will be playing Animal Crossing on my switch because I can't just be sitting here idly without having something to do with my hands. Yeah, I know it'll seem like a hard task to do because my focus will be split between the game and my computer but it's honestly not hard to do. I've watched other animes while playing my 3ds before and I pay lot more attention to the anime I'm watching than it seems like. So yeah. I'll give myself the rest of this month to at least get through the first season of Sword Art Online and I'll probably watch one of the movies reccommended in the thread (one of the versions of The Thief and the Cobbler) and dopost my bigger reviews on Christmas or on New Years. But that's pretty much how I'm gonna do it. I promise I will be honest with my reviews and you just might be entertained.