I had a vehicle wreck going into work.

I was in the outside lane of a 2-Lane road north bound direction, I stopped at a 3 way intersection with traffic lights.

Turning left into the 3 way intersection to head south bound was a Dump Truck with a full load of gravel. As it turned left to head south its breaks an airbreaks failed it tipped on its side an nailed my vehicle.

I was pinned in my vehicle withe the dump truck on its side sitting on my vehicles roof just about 2 - 3 inches above my right shoulder.

The dump truck lost most of the gravel too, a good portion onto my vehicle an some inside too with me.

I ended up with scratches an a few minor skin wounds from broken glass on my belly, hands, left leg an tiny bit on my face. I had a BIG bruise on my left shin size of a football.

I pulled 3 small pieces of glass out as I cleaned up once I was home. A piece from a finger BB sized, one from my belly the size of a pinkie fingers fingernail, an one from my ear which was a little sliver of glass.

I will have to get a new car, new glasses ( It broke the ear pieces an scratched pitted the lenses ), sigh....I still smell gravel dust.