yeah, okay.

work - so i finally finished with the layout and left the em sim running over the weekend. that took forever. was happy that both my art and my captions were used in tee-ko though lol, all three of my arts got in this time XD

shopping- in terms of black friday shopping, i bought the american clothing but refrained from ordering the black skirt since i wasn't sure if it'd fit properly. i also didn't end up getting sneakers since the ones i'm wearing still fit perfectly fine?? maybe they will have another sale come boxing day and i can get it then. for the uniqlo stuff: i think i want to return the brown sweater and get a black turtleneck instead. but that's a problem for when the mall actually opens.....

school - im gonna try to grind tutorial prep 11 tonight, and watch some lec vids. i really need to get started on the project this weekend since i haven't even watched the example vid. i mean yeah all i need is 60% on this assignment, but i want to submit something of decent quality ya feel?

misc - im so tired. is this caused by not eating a lot? maybe i should go fry up the veggies and eat them.... going to meal prep pancakes as well as japanese curry this weekend ^^