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Roleplay Starters
A collection of my different ideas for roleplay scenarios and character sheets.
Nightmare of Shadows
They walk among the everyday. Hidden in plain sight. They make pencils out of their wands to make them less conspicuous. They keep cats in their pet free apartments and configure them when their landlords stop in. They perform on streets for money and wink at young ones as they slide their wands back into their pockets. They spray paint sigils and burn incense while they smoke. It'd be fairly easy to miss them, for they have adapted their ways to these modern times. Witches and warlocks living among the humans, adding a bit of magic to the mundane.

Yes, there are familiars as well, but not like what you would think. They do not live like animals, obeying their witches every whim. They are human first and animal second, shapeshifting into their form.

Not every witch and warlock has a familiar, but those who do create a special bond. A bond that is hard to sever and more painful yet when it is. Although this bond is emotional, it is also physical. They can sense each others pain, distress, and general presence. To know someone so intimately and to have that taken away is truly desolating.

Unfortunately there are many who have felt this grief over the years through wars and the simple passage of time. Being magical creatures allows witches, warlocks, and familiars alike to live unnaturally long lives. However, everything must come to an end. One can only hope to have accomplished their true desires in the time they have been given.

--- * ---

"Good morning Amara! In for the usual?" The young man behind the counter grinned.

Amara nodding, shoved her hands into her leather jacket pockets awkwardly. "Yeah, thanks Todd."

"No problem." Todd turned his back, quickly working. She watched as he quickly moved his hands, having done this motion surely a thousand times by this point. His hair was long an blonde, tied up into a man bun and a thick beard on his face. "I was wondering if you were alright since you hadn't been in for a few days." He spoke over his shoulder.

Amara paused in her play with the small, black straws that were sitting on the counter. "I was busy with some personal stuff. Promise I won't go that long without the good stuff again." She smiled softly as Todd turned back around and handed her a large oat milk latte macchiato.

"I'm just glad to see you're alright." Todd smiled again, almost expectantly.

He always did this. Was overly nice and gave her that same expectant look. Amara had an idea of why, but she would never entertain the idea. She slid a five dollar bill onto the counter, raising her cup. "Thanks for the coffee. Keep the change. I'll see you next time." Without looking back she quickly walked away.

She nursed her hot beverage against the windy day, grateful for it's warmth. The sun could not be counted on, for it wove itself in and out of clouds. Teasing it's warmth.

After walking five blocks, she came upon a little shop called Crystalized. Amara unlocked the door and walked in, a small bell chiming as the door opened and closed. Inside was warm and several crystal lamps lit around the room gave it a golden glow. She sighed, setting her coffee down on a near by shelf, shrugging out of her jacket before putting it on the coat rack. Grabbing her coffee she walked over to the sign in the window and flipped a switch. A crystal 'open' sign came to live with a purple glow. The crystal shop was all she felt she had left in this world, everything else having been taken from her.

Amara came to sit in a stool behind the desk and turned on the computer. The screen flashed to life, the soft hum of the tower below. She sipped her coffee as her light gray eyes scanned the screen. Another news article in the Morning Aurora. More witches and warlocks dead. Hands and eyes burned. This news wasn't the first of it's kind. For months now there have been a string of murders. All ending just like this. Amara quickly clicked away, an anger rising inside her. Whoever was committing these horrendous crimes was mocking the wizarding world. To burn the victims hands and eyes like that, knowing they were witches and wizards is derogatory to say the least. It led Amara to believe that perhaps the killer was human, for to think it was one of their own...it would be all the more vulgar.

The chime at the door brought her from her thoughts. "Welcome!" She quickly called to the front. "Let me know if I can help you find anything." Amara stood to see behind the screen only to find a man that seemed very out of place standing in her shop.


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