I decided to write my 21 day challenge journal entries in here because I think there is something kinda cool about writing in the same journal for 15 years (and I always lose my physical ones). Though, I haven't really writen in this journal much until recently.

So the 21 day challenge by Naturally Stefanie is

1. Get seven hours of sleep per night
2. Drink two litres of water per day
3. Eat only whole foods, no alcohol and no cheat meals.
4. Exercise for at least 90 minutes per day
5. Journal/Affirmation once per day.

I think it's a great challenge and a great way to get back into a positive mindset and end the year on a good note, which I know I certainly need after everything that happened this year.

So my positive for today is that I completed the first day of the challenge woo. Okay, I don't know if I can put that as my affirmation everyday, I completed the second day, the third day etc. So today's positive is going to be that I feel I'm improving a lot with my salsa dancing. I decided to make a portion of the 90 minutes (30-60 minutes) practicing salsa because that is something I love and want to get better at, so this could be a good push for me to practice more and also it doesn't really feel like a chore because it is something I love doing.

So anyway I was practicing some videos that I had from an online salsa course I purchased through the salsa school I go to during lockdown and in lockdown I struggled so much with them and couldn't make it through the first three videos of the first week. Well anyway I managed to pick them up a lot easier this time and feel a lot more comfortable with them yay! So maybe I'm not the worlds wost dancer after all. biggrin