Ill be closing tomorrow night, everyone works that day at some point so at least we should have good support/ coverage for work during the day when its needed most.

It will still be a long day, besides everyone working that day it will in most cases for all of us be a 10 hour work shift.

For me 11am - 9pm ( 1 hour lunch ) + or - clean-up time at night before anyone can leave, so maybe 10 or 11 o'clock going home depending on how mess there is to fix up.

Oh, an I have to make sure our dock area is ready for a truck unloading the day after too. sweatdrop


Hoping tomorrow is at least as "Smooth" as today ( Thanksgiving Day/ Night ) went, busy but bareable.

Not filled with dread an stress as the early part of my week was.


Please send me hugs an good thoughts an prayers if desire too.

While I am not a stricty religions person, I feel that a persons desire to believe how they wish is thier choice. To me "Right & Wrong" is as much a choice in Life as what you believe an how your beliefs guide you in your Life. So with that I send all a HUG.

Thank You. heart