As the title says, I ventured into Chinatown to pick up some groceries in the middle of the day so that I don't starve this week. Impulse bought some jajjangmen (tip - don't go food shopping when you're hungry) as well as $2.60 in Chinese bread. I got five whole hot dog buns though, and ate them in one sitting. Good times.

As for the rest of this entry, I'm gonna list all the things I wanna buy tomorrow/on the weekend:

AE Jeans + AE pink dress, for layering over the white turtleneck so I can recreate yet another outfit I saw on the Korean Shopping site. Literally all I need are high socks.

Black long skirt, size M probably - getting one that's a little bigger should be fine as it leaves room to stuff random sweaters inside.

New phone, but that's for sunday/monday. I'll check back when the gift card deals are confirmed.