I actually need to properly meal plan and buy some food tomorrow lol. I had fried rice for lunch and a cheese omelette for dinner, but I'm out of rice and eggs.

Ordered the hair accs today! The currency exchange rate must've been lowered, since it was $6.30 total. Guess all I have to do now is wait for three months... Still debating the black skirt. Obviously, my instinct is to get the S, but the measurements are so weird and it seems an M would fit better? But I'm a US 000... so like, lol idk

Besides the jeans, guess I'm also buying a new phone this weekend! The gift cards don't expire so I could use it like, 3.5 years down the line if/when I change phones again.

Got good progress on work stuff, but still have some LVS to grind through. And a tutorial to sit through tomorrow, ugh. I should probably finish those lecture vids.

Other than that, life isn't that interesting. I did the third part of the study and also did my laundry today. Chan-Chan finally got a bath.