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One of my friends passed away this week. She lost her battle with depression. After having kids she slowly found out she had depression. She was never fully the same after. I know it was hard for her. I could see it in her eyes and sometimes in the way she would dress. I’m guessing all the lack of socialization in 2020 and the pressure of schooling her kids at home really added to it. I’m sad that I wont get to see her again and that I haven’t seen her/talk to her recently. I kind of feel guilty for never saying anything when I knew she seemed to be having trouble. But at the same time I know that no amount of me calling her or possibly stopping by would fix it. It’s depression, there is no pill that’s going to cure it. No amount of love will help make it better, tho I’m sure if comforts in some small way. My heart is breaking for her three young daughters. Her oldest is around 9 years old and the youngest is 6 I believe. I included this picture because that’s how I’m seeing all of it. I hope she’s at peace and with her mom now. <3