I was going to call and set up the night schooling today but it turns out schools closed at the moment due to holidays. I left a voicemail today, but I was really hoping to set it up and talk to them about it and how it works. I'll ring them when they get back.

Nyeh. Other than that I had a fairly good day and had an enormous candy apple. Pretty much the sinful food of this month. Had some peculiar dreams last night/morning. Made sure to log them this time. The dreams that happen seem to forewarn of bad energy coming along & that it's best to prepare for it & not succumb to similar patterns that entail a negative consequence. I'm listening this time, and am glad that I interpreted the meaning behind them before acting on anything. There's also good behind the dreams, not just that something bad is coming. Good to know not everything is doom & gloom.

Great how the universe watches out for you when you're doing the best that you can. Especially so when things in the world can seem so imbalanced & people can seem so disturbed in the things they say & do. On the bright side those things will change for the better; Light will shed on the dark, and it will not repress beyond it's limit anymore for what it does not own. Great times & opportunities are cooomin' heart