1. Don't lie about about your writing skills. If you don't punctuate... If you misspell words... If you mix up similar sounding words... If you mix up dissimilar sounding words even... If your grammar is bad... If you never use a spelling checker... If you use more words than necessary because you don't know what you're talking about, so can't say it to the point... Do not call yourself "advanced lit." Advanced literate would mean a college professor. If you don't meet high school, or even jr. high school literacy levels do not lie that you're equivocal to a college professor. I'm not trying to shame anyone here, but DON'T LIE TO PEOPLE.
2. I know this might come as a surprise to some, but... If you don't know for a fact what a word means, you should either not use it, or look up it's definition first. Misusing words such as, "ignorant," and, "literate," highly ticks off people who know what the word means. And, if you're throwing around words that you think are just to insult, and compliment people, with no meaning in particular, you're probably going to get banned.
3. We don't need to know your life story, and every little preference to roleplay with you. Why are you trying to tell us EVERYTHING in the roleplay recruiting forum?
4. If you try to pick other people's character for them, a healthy person will put you on ignore instead of roleplay with you, because you are overstepping your bounds.
5. If you don't know the facts about a canon character, place, or thing, don't try to argue what you think the facts are.
6. Do not try to change the canon in a fandom from canon to match your religious views. F.E. Azazel is a youkai/demon, not a mutant. You can't turn him into just a human mutant just because you're Atheist. If you change the canon to match your religious views, that's propaganda. You can't rewrite non-humans as humans just because you don't believe in the existence of people that aren't human.
7. If you are trying to avoid being mistaken as a pervert, don't do so by avoiding children completely. That will get you thought to be a pervert, because you're saying you can't interact with children at all without us finding out.
8. If you're required by law to avoid children, stay off websites that allow 13+ on them, as you are not allowed on these websites. If you have that kind of problem, find an 18+ website instead.
9. Don't use 13+ websites, such as Gaia Online, to look for "adult" roleplay.
10. Read the forum rules before you post.
11. Obey the rules.
12. Don't use 13+ websites to look for anonymous romance. Make sure you know the person's account-claimed age first.
13. Don't allow omnipotence in your roleplay, as it is psychologically ill.
People roleplaying with omnipotence are paranoid schizophrenics in the midst of episodes of confusion. They're supposed to be committed to a psychiatric hospital.
And, they're going to troll your RP. It will be, "I say it's so so it's so," and they'll always view themselves as the winner.
Kick them, and make them return after the episode is over, after they're humble again.
How do I know they're episodic paranoid schizophrenics?
They're viewing themselves as greatly beyond equal to the other roleplayers while having a below average character.
14. If you're looking to get a real romantic partner through roleplaying together... Remember that the person might look, and be totally different from the character(s).
15. Alpha status is determined by the people around you at the time. You don't control whether or not your character is an alpha. So, don't go around trying to enforce your character as an alpha. It's rude.
16. Play characters you understand well so you don't upset people who know more about your character than you do.