I was ¹adventuring around on the ground ²with coworkers. ³We jested and made each other laugh. There was a night club ish looking building my friend wanted to go into, but he was afraid to take the front door. So we went to the backdoor and we're greeted by doorkeepers that stood by a belt ¹barrier they then greeted us in a friendly manner and ²lifted the barrier letting us in. We walked through a hallway and my friend wandered off to find what he was looking for, but soon returned happy. I don't know what he got but he was happy.

My coworker put on his hazmat suit and oxygen tank, and I put on my scuba diving suit. The halls then overflowed with water and we swam out of there. When we got back outside we surfaced on a landmass of snow. Children were playing in it as the snow fell gently. I took off my scuba diving suit and shoes and I started to play in the snow too! I was barefoot and the snow felt warm to the touch.