A long day, it could have been worse granted.

I stayed busy most of my day, Dealt with drama a good portion of my work day as we had a co-worker of mine quit yesterday night half way through thier night-shift hours without telling anyone an then that changed several schedules for many of us this week.

We had a "Important" key break off in a lock I found out after I was off work yesterday. We will see what happens ( Likely either need a new key or chance a few locks. ) xp

A bit of motorized equipment broke down so that is a mess till it gets fixed. gonk


I had to take a low dose of my emergency steriods to help my breathing from last night into today. Its been a combo of damp cold, rain an stress causing my lungs to burn an my back an chest to be a bit sore.

I am trying hard to get by an remain positive lately...bad thing is I had reoccuring dreams again that I had not had for a long time. I hate seeing the end of the world twice in a dream, especially a repeated dream.