Sapphire squeed. She had been checking in occasionally, and things were looking better. Somehow, Halloween wasn't interrupted by some world-ending apocalypse, and everyone had fun trick-or-treating. Though, she did hear that some people got a bit lost. That always happened with enough people running around, though.

While she hadn't seen the crowds she remembered from years and years ago, there were plenty of them wandering around the streets and chatting or shopping. Even better, however, were the news reports of things having improved immensely. The promised new buildings were being built and on top of that, many things were getting much needed renovations. It really did look like things were getting better.


As the stupid nonsense up there says, I've been poking in about on average of once a month or so. Truthfully, it's more along the lines of signing in daily for a week or two, then a month of silence, then another week or so of signing in daily- wash rinse repeat. Anyway-

While Gaia isn't the Internet Powerhouse it was back in the early 2000s when that insanely huge hoard of people were signing in every day. I've kept an eye on how many people are online whenever I sign on. It's usually in the 3,000-4,000 range. Not too shabby! (imo at least)
I've also been reading the little company update blurbs here, which I definitely recommend doing if you're at all interested in this stuff like I am.
And of course I've been checking any other updates posted in the Staff Announcements!! 3nodding The ones about new features and bug fixes are fun to see, along with things that definitely show that Gaia is growing again. It's all really exciting to watch.

If you can't tell, I've been wanting to keep track of...well... things relating to back when this was the most recent thing I'd read about Gaia in a long time.

Like I mentioned back when I first read that post, I was scared of Gaia vanishing. I still am, to be honest. The lack of Flash Support on the horizon makes me nervous. I have no idea how much of the site still relies on it. But, I know back when Gaia was huge, Flash was the way to do things that Gaia wanted to do. So, here's hoping this change won't cause too much trouble. Luckily, I don't think the 'recent' features use Flash (Lake Kindred for example), as it hasn't been the best way to do things in...some time, honestly.

Incase you don't know, here's a tl;dr- Adobe has made the decision to stop supporting Flash and its compatibility with internet browsers at the end of 2020. This means that any sites with features that run on Flash will, at the very least, not be guaranteed to work on any internet browser, along with the possibility of those aspects ceasing to function alltogether.
If you want more information, just google it. There's a lot of pages, with more detailed summaries, and even some stuff directly from Microsoft and Adobe themselves.

But, there's an awesome sounding thing mentioned in that Blurb on the Gaia Pledge page- Towns apparently is getting another update, including a fully 3-D environment. Which sounds pretty crazy to me, and makes me incredibly curious how in the world the 2-D avatars are going to fit into it. o_O

Again, sorry to my friends for me babbling about this stuff. But, I dunno, I feel like posting my thoughts on this stuff is important.