That dream with the spider dangling down unto me and it's symbolic meaning came to fruition. Odd when you ponder upon these simplistic manifestations and how it's applicable towards one's life, and it's very beneficial when you're wary of said omen rather than letting it go right over your head. Good thing to know that these voices & things I envision aren't just some "medical condition," and are a protective sixth sense of the sorts.

Huh. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ emotion_rainbow

On another note; Moving forward. Got another day of work then a day off. I'll be applying to this night school class. It's a big deal for me. I'm actually kind of excited for it. Never felt adamant about doing math in this type of setting before and actually feeling motivated. I can't wait for chriistmas though, I'm going to get a bamboo saxophone. The sound of it is very therapeutic and it works around breathwork. When you breathe a certain way it induces relaxation and the ability to think more clearly. Similar to meditation. Interesting times and endeavors coming my way!