I hope some of the people struggling in the world right now get better. Quite a few that I know are having a hard time. I'm sure they'll get better and find strength in there struggles. I think we all will make it. We just have to keep climbing & not simply just "Hang in there." It's okay to rest, but not forever & ever. I hope I can be of some help to them, even if it's just a little.

I've been doing alright fortunately. Had a run in or two with some unpleasant people. I don't know what makes people so disrespectful and insincere. But each spirit has a life that's complex, and each is navigating through labyrinths & what not. I can only hope that they improve upon there ways and find peace within themselves.

I'm glad my positivity hasn't been swayed in regard to all of that. I've been getting better at practicing control of my emotions. It is getting easier to see the games people play with themselves and how they project it unto other people with the expectation that someone will play that game. It's a waste of my energy to even give into those kind of games when it's based on ego, anger, and that of which is lacking in the love 'n' creativity department.

I'll stay wary of these disturbed people ,but have peace of mind at the same time; All the whilst hoping the best for them. After all it's hard to vibrate on low frequencies and feed those kinds of behavior's when one is constantly ascending above that. The least I can do is offer them solutions if they approach me respectfully and earnestly. And that would be a miracle.

Also been making some really healthy foods as of recent. Been eating really well & feeling good. I really enjoyed the coconut brownies I made, I didn't know something sugarless could taste so rich & sweet. It's like a cheat code within a cheat code. I ought to make some more of them. They're healthy too so it's a bonus lol.

Work has been good. I worked pretty late tonight though, but it's fine. I'll get plenty of sleep tonight. Even though I should be asleep right now. Guess it's time to hit the hay~ heart