I was alone in this dark and cruel world. I had no help from anyone. Until a faint divine energy came to me in my dreams. As the summer solstice began I was contacted by a familiar spirit. It was Avatar Max my past life! He told me that It's impossible to lose everything as long as you have something to live for. I believed it well and knew there was a way to get my family back. He advised me to connect to my Avatar Cycle of the 4 nations so I searched for the avatar before him and her name was Korra, who taught me that I should not give up hope when all you got is a wooden sword. She told me to look for the air temples and find Aang who taught me that whenever I hit my lowest point I can always count on the greatest of change. Unexpected surprises can turn a dead end into a detour. I used that detour to find the Fire Nation Avatar before me. I found Roku who told me that all my previous incarnations and their experiences are always available to me no matter what. My cycle was complete and I suddenly woke up and found control of my Avatar State!