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A New Life: Chapter Two
The new day had dawned and it was Yuki's birthday! Tohru was busy getting everything ready, the soba and dipping sauce was ready. The calamari was frying and she was busy getting the rice balls put together. Little did they know she had secretly purchased some different flavored mochis to go with desert. So boy, was she excited.

Kyo was watching her with baleful eyes. He knew tonight had to be the night. He was going to beat that damn rat at something. He was going to make love to Tohru. He knew she would want to, she knew she wanted them both. But in the end she would have to choose. But little did she know that day was soon coming. She had been looking at him more often than not lately. He sensed her want for him. Deep down in her body. Every time she looked at him, smiled at him, hugged him, hell even her body seemed to vibrate every time they touched and she had noticed that she was not like that around that damn rat. Not yet anyways.

Yuki walked into the room and sniffed the air, "Mmmmm...smells good, love!"

Tohru wheeled around, "Out! Out! Out! You aren't getting to see what I am making you until dinner!"

Yuki just softly laughed at her outburst and walked up the stairs.

Yuki could smell it on Kyo, his want for her and his need for her. But little did he know that Yuki was going to let him, for a change, be the first one Tohru slept with. Because he sensed that that's what she wanted and nothing more. He was going to respect her for that. He'd at least thought on his birthday she would've chose him to be her first, but...he should've known. He was the cat and she was all about him. She had this fire for him. But in the end he Yuki would have her. He knew it and he wanted it so bad he could taste it.

He would do anything for her and that is why tonight he would let Kyp do what he was going to do to her and not protest against what she wanted. That was just the kind of person he was, at least, for Tohru. since the curse had been broken, those first few months had been hard, on everyone. But none more than Tohru because she was the only one in the room as she watched the life literally drain out of Akito. He still haunted Yuki's dreams every now and again, just looking at him with those lifeless eyes, saying he was coming for him. But he knew that was impossible. Because...He. Was. Dead.

He didn't tell anyone about these dreams, but he thought that maybe if anyone would understand, it would be Tohru. He sometimes watched her sleep because she asked him to stay there until she fell asleep, him or Kyo, because she was scared of the dreams. It seemed that the curse takes a while to wear off completely. He knew one day everything would be better. Better. Because of her. But sometimes in her dreams she would say his name, Akito's, Kyo's, Hatori's and of course her moms. But never her friends. Because they have never known about the curse or what happened to end it.

But they didn't know anything was wrong because of course, because as always, she was smiling that smile. Like nothing was wrong at all. Though deep down he knew there was. All the Soma's did. It had to have been hard watching that happen. After her mom, she thought she had finally found healing, then Akito told her how to break the curse. Her gaze shook every time someone mentioned him, well her whole body did. So she still hasn't forgot about it, but then again, who could. Even for Akito, that was cruel. But I guess his cruelty knew no bounds unfortunately. He was a horrible and cruel person. Now was allowed to say and think so. But he never said it, just thought it.

Horribly cruel for all the people he hurt, horrible and cru for all the thingshe said and did to him and horrible and cruel for making Tohru watch him die. So slowly, so that she could have nightmares, flashbacks and have a hard time living with herself. Which was the case for a few months.

But now that they had graduated from high school, she had more distractions. Yuki and Kyo both banded together, for the first time in their lives, to force her to apply to college and let them help her pay. At the end she had agreed. Not without protests against them she didn't talk to them for a week afterwards. They understood, but they went back to hating each other and that's when she came around.

Tohru was watching the soba staying warm on the stove, she was having a flashback, to about three months ago. Seeing the two of them sitting there not taking no for an answer on making her go to college. Asking her why she didn't want to go. When she told them it was because of money and she wouldn't have time to work. They both gave her a, "Really?!" look. Then she knew it was over. Her only excuse was gone. So next spring, she was going to the same college as both Kyo and Yuki. She really should've found it sweet that they had put their differences aside and make her go to college, but still, they just sprung it on her, she was kinda upset. She found it hard to talk to them for about a week, until they started going at each others throats again. Then she knew it was back to normal. She felt like she could talk to them again.

But she had another feeling, that tonight was the night that she gave herself away, to one of the boys. She wasn't sure which one and it was weird to think that all the careful practice all those hours pouring over Kama sutra books. She was hoping she was ready. If it was Kyo, who burned with the intensity of the sun, or Yuki who glowed in all his glory like the moon. But she couldn't wait.

"Tohru...Earth to Tohru..." said a voice that belonged to one of the two.

"Y-yes?" she asked coming out of her dreamy state of thinking.

"You going to let the rice burn and start a fire?" Kyo said smartly.

"OH NO!" Tohru turned off the cooker and opened it up.

"I wouldn't mind, I don't care if the rice is perfect or not...He doesn't deserve it! Damn rat...!"

"Can you just be nice to him, please? For one night?"

"Fine! But no other favors!" he said, with a grin full of longing that made her heart skip a beat.

She was ready for him, she somehow knew.

It was going to be Kyo.


More Chapters to come on here and on Fanfiction.net first!!

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