After healing my team up, releasing Link and Lemon (RIP poor babies! crying ), and stocking up on some items, I headed west to Route 8 to do some training. My first encounter was a Growlithe that used roar on me stressed scream The Growlithe using roar on me almost made me mad enough to break or bend the nuzlocke rules to keep searching for another growlithe but honestly a pokemon using a move like roar or whirlwind kinda counts as a failed catch in my opinion (but Growlithe would've been an awesome replacement for Link! crying )

Anyways, my team is on levels 18-28. I'm almost at my level cap with Whitney my Gloom. Speaking of Gloom, I was considering when to evolve Whitney into a Vileplume. At first i wanted to evolve her into a Bellossom, but then I remembered that I would need a National Pokedex and to find a sun stone which both aren't available until after I beat the game (I think). So, I'll wait until Whitney reaches level 44 where she learns her final move (in gen 3 at least) before I evolve her (looks like I'll be stuck with her for another gym or two lol rofl )

In other news, Kagura the Spearow evolved and no one has died. I still need to level up Zuzu the Zubat, Kagura the Fearow, and Viper the Ekans up some so they can be on apr with the others. I gotta say though, Buttercup, Whitney, and Gwenivere are really carrying my team so far. But when i reach Celadon City and take on Erika, I think Gwenivere, Zuzu, and Kagura will be my key players. Thankfully, Erika uses three Pokemon (though I'll also use Buttercup as back up as well).

Well,I guess that's all. Hopefully next time I update, I'll have earned the Rainbow Badge from Erika and without no deaths, and I hope some more of my team would have evolved too.