The First Order:
The First Order, built as a way to fight evil by expanding their student's minds and pushing them to the limits. They are supporters, with abilities to heal, and bolster their allies.

Magic Users: Cast of Guidance: at 3rd level, you may cast this spell as a 1st level spell slot. This spell increases up to 6 targets wisdom and intellect based skills by 2, at 5th level, that increases to 4, at 7th it increases to 6, at 9th level it increases to 8 (This last 30 minutes) starting at 5th level, a magic user may use 2 first level spells and one second level spell slot to heal up to 6 people for 4d12

Paladins & Clerics: Litanies After 3rd level, your character gains the use of Litanies. The character can use up to their casting modifier (For paladins it is your charisma, for Clerics it is wisdom) You can only use 1 offensive litany at a time and one Defensive Litany at a time
(Offensive) Litany of Penetration: You and all allies within 20 feet of you gain a +4 against foes that are wearing armor (lasts for up to 30 minutes)
(Offensive) Litany of True Strike: You and all allies within 20 feet of you gain a +2 to hit. (lasts for up to 30 minutes)
(Defensive) Litany of Protection: You and all allies within 20 feet of you gain a +2 to their AC against melee and projectiles (such as as darts, knives, arrows, shots) (lasts for up to 30 minutes)
(defensive) Litany of Intervention: You and all allies within 20 feet of you take half magical damage. (this requires the use of 2 litany slots) (lasts for up to 30 minutes)
(healing) Blessed Litany: You and all allies within 20 feet of you are healed for 2 d 12, this increases by one dice at level 4, and then 1 more dice every 2 levels
(Healing) Litany of blessed health: You and all allies within 20 feet are cured of disease or curse, placed upon them within the last 4 hours
Litany of guidance: You and all allies within 10 feet of you gain a +4 to perception
Litany of Light: You cast out an orb of light above you that illuminates 60 feet around you, and 10 more feet of dim light

Monks: You can use 1 ki per selected character, within 30 feet of you and either
1. Heal them for one of their hit dice
2. Raise their ac by 2 for 5 minutes
3. double their next dice for damage (2 dice instead of 1)
4. Each character gains ten points as temporary hp

Rangers: If you have a pet, your pet is able to attack, without taking away from your own. The pet will gain its own turn. Your CR rating for a pet increases two 1/2. Additionally, while the ranger is alone (not surrounded by party members) they and their party gain a +1 to hit. Your pet also gains pack tactics

Fighters:War cry: Fighters may expend their bonus action to call out a war cry, only one war cry may be used at a time.
A fighter gains a cry for every 2 levels they have as a fighter
Cry of Vengeance: gain a +2 to hit against any enemy that you target, that has hit an ally, this lasts until the enemy is defeated.
Call to arms: Roll 2 d 6 and add that to the damage rolls for all allies and yourself within 20 feet of you. This only lasts for 10 minutes
Cry Havoc: If an ally is reduced to 10 hp, all allies within 20 feet of that ally have a +2 to hit, and gain 2d8 damage on attacks. This lasts for 2 minutes

Druid: When using Entangle, all allies in the area are healed for 4 hp. Additionally, at level 5, you may cast Goodberry as a plant that radiates an aura of 30 feet that heals all allies in the area for 2 hp for five of your turns.

Barbarians: While within 20 feet of your allies and raging, you and your allies gain a +2 to hit. You also emit an aura that grants your allies immunity to fear. This aura is 40 feet. When raging, all enemies within 20 feet of you must make a DC 17 charisma check. Upon failing, they have disadvantage on all attack rolls.

The Second Order:
The Second Order was founded by Dragons, bestowing upon its Acolytes the power of the Dragons, bolstering them with a single mark, and making them truly powerful. Those of the order are bolstered with the ability to use the Dragon Breath abilities, they are able to use these breaths (the elemental breath attacks of a dragon of their choosing, on the same strength as a Dragonborn) based on their con modifier (dragonborns have +1 to this).

Magic Users: Gain access to the following spells: Lightning Lure and firebolt, Chromatic Orb and Detect Magic, Dragon's Breath and Flaming Sphere, Fireball and Lightning Bolt, Elemental Bane and Storm Sphere, Cone of Cold and Far Step

Paladins & Clerics: fire bolt, sacred flame, guiding bolt, heroism, Aid, scorching ray,
beacon of hope, blinding smite, death ward, thunder step, wall of fire, flame strike.
Retaliation: Upon a successful hit, increase your next attack has a +1 to hit, if you roll a nat 20, the damage is doubled.
Dragon's wrath: Upon killing an enemy, you may attack once more.

Monks: In taking the path of the Dragon, you gain a +1 to attack rolls. You may use your bonus action to head butt an enemy within range for 1d6 damage. Your unarmed strikes increase from a d4 to a d6, d6 to d8, d8 to a d10, and d10 to a d12 at their respective levels.

Rangers: Wind Wrath: While a ranger is alone, ranged attacks have a +3 to hit and ads 1 damage dice to a successful hit. If concealed, a ranger has an additional +2 to AC. If a ranger is in stealth, (enemies are not aware of their presence) Their attack dice are doubled, until an enemy detects discovers their location.

Fighters: Dragon Tactics: While standing next to an ally, each member gains a +1 to attack and AC. This increases per ally (If their are three allies, it's a +3).

Druid: If using the Circle of the Moon path, a druid may turn into beasts with a CR rating Half that of their Druid Level, rounded down. Alternately, a druid using the Circle of Moon Path, may expend both of their shape changes in order to change into a creature with a CR equal to their druid level, but must have a short and long rest to recover

Barbarians: Pick a favored enemy, you gain +1 to attack against that enemy
upon raging, the Barbarian adds half of there Con modifier to their AC. You may also use your bonus action to make a bite attack doing 1d8+ your strength modifier on a successful hit of a creature within 5 feet of you.
Dragon's Hate: Upon killing an enemy, you may attack twice more.

Rogues: Rogues have access to the second breath ability of their chosen Dragon.
Terrain camouflage: Depending on the dragon you have chosen, you gain an additional +3 to stealth, and at level 10, you can become invisible in that terrain for up to 1 minute. This ability can only be used once, until completing a short rest.

Racial Bonus: Dragonborn's g Breath Ability's damage is increased from a d6 to a d10 and increased by 2 dice. Dragonborn also become Amphibious.

The Third Order: The Third Order is unorthodox, filled with those who would do anything and use any means to hold back the dark.
Magic Users:

Paladins & Clerics: Bastion: As a Bastion of light, fighting the dark, you are at the front lines, charging head first into the pits of Hell. While equipping a shield and weapon with the Versatile property, the weapon does 1d10 instead of 1d8.
(at level 5) may also, if equipping a shield and versatile weapon, expend one 1st level spell to do an additional 1d6 damage, at level 7, you may expend one 2nd level spell slot to increase this to 1d8, at level 9, expend on 3rd level spell slot to increase damage by 1d10, at level 15, you may expend one 4th level spell slot to increase damage by 1d12. (this is only applied to your weapon damage)

Rogues: Brigand's rage: At third level, gain a favored enemy.
Shadow Cast: You may grant you and your party an increase of +5 to stealth for 10 minutes, up to 3 times per long rest.
Serpent: At level 5 you may become invisible for 2 minutes. If in combat, you must pass a stealth check, or your enemy/enemies will detect you (you may use this a number of times equal to 1/2 your rogue level and can only be recharged by a short rest)
Serpent's wrath: While using the Serpent ability, or your target doesn't know you are their, your first attack is an automatic critical.

Rangers: Grey Eyes: Sacrifice your Extra attack to attack for double damage.
White Wolf: While concealed (your enemies do not know you are there) your next attack is automatically a critical, as long as you hit.
Nimble Cat: While wearing light armor, your attacks have a +1 to hit, and you gain a +2 to stealth.

Fighters: gains a favored enemy status against Aberrations
Duty before death: When brought down to 1/4 hit points, you roll 2 dice for damage and have an extra attack.
Don't run: When enemies encourage an attack of opportunity, you may attack twice. Weapons with reach gain a +1 to hit, and gain 1d6 extra damage.

Barbarians: While raging, if you fall to half health, you take only 1/4 damage, and if you fall to 1/4 health, your damage dice is doubled. Against beasts and undead, you have advantage on attack rolls. Gain favored enemy. Gains two weapon fighting. While dual wielding two weapons, your ac is increased by +2