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Name Sabrina Elise Victoria Amiella
Nickname (Red Riding) Hood
Gender Female
Sexuality Hetero
Race Human
Power Holy Element: Much like normal elemental manipulation, only hers is holy... She can create light shields, add holy damage to her scythe attacks and create a "blast" of holy light.
Weapons Cursed Scythe
Role2nd year
ScheduleMath, Lit, Chem, Music , Gym, History, Study hall
Clubs Art
I can't get enough of
Piano Music

Keep this away from me
Pools/Beaches (can't swim)
Loud Noises
Cooked Carrots

Personality Sweet and shy. She's the embodiment of a "cinnamon roll" personality. She is non confrontational and always willing to help someone out, even if they are taking advantage of her. Despite how sweet she is, she has no reservations about stepping in to defend someone.
Bio Sabrina was adopted by a Vampire, Victor Amiella. She was a baby when he took her in. Her parents were killed in an home invasion and they were unsure as to why she was spared. The invader was never found by the police, but Victor found him. Sabrina would never have to worry about him coming after her. He didn't even remember Sabrina's family. He was a werewolf but he was a tweaker, and that night her parents died, he was tweaking, hard.

Her life with the Vampire was a happy one. He had a "grandfather" soul, to him. He loved books and sitting by a fire with a glass of whiskey. He taught her to play piano and paint and raised her to be a wonderful young lady. Due to her being human, she did have to attend school and be on a day schedule. She had several servants who took care of her during the day. She always got good grades in school and never really caused trouble.

She found her scythe when she was in an old shop with Victor. Victor was there for some business and brought Sabrina along. The shop had books and antiques and artifacts in it. The scythe was cube in a birdcage. It called to her and almost hypnotically, she opened the cage and touched the cursed object. The cube transformed into a scythe and dark magic pulsed through it. It's now bound to her, body and soul. The longterm affects of this unknown cursed object are still unknown at this time. Or whatever the curse even is.

Victor decided to send her to Mystic Blade, to try and figure out the cursed object and... Bring her out of her shell. She was fully capable of living on her own and being successful. However, he wanted to make sure she experienced life to the fullest, especially if the cursed cube would shorten her life. Humans were fragile, after all.

Dorm number Co Ed 2 (for ironic reasons lol)