Ok. This is an unofficial list of things I need to pack tommorow (Saturday) to go to Loxton on Monday. It's half-depressing writing this, because I don't want to work...but work I must. Eh. What can yer do. domokun

- Clothes. Must remember to pack new G-string :S and Snoopy undies from Katrina. Bring lots of old shirts for apricot cutting (damn rotten sloshy apricot slushes everywhere sweatdrop ) Bring nicer clothes for church (in case we don't work Sundays) and Xmas and New Year's.
- Music and videos. Don't bring every CD you own as in previous years, because you don't even listen to most of them anyway. Must bring Franz Ferdinand CD and White Stripes cassette tape. The rest I can possibly cope without for five and six weeks. Must bring V8 Superstars taped show.
- Books....ergh. Nah.
- FOOD. Bring all the stupid slices and things with no proper names that you made last week. Don't expect anyone to eat them. I mean, c'mon. You made them. domokun
- Other various oddities: Rick Kelly signed poster, any copies of old abusive letters that John and Levo used to send to each other (charming!), picture of haircut I want by February, school photo, list of web addresses I may need to access during the hols.
- Of course, be like Santa, and come bearing presents for all.
- BOB. My teddy bear. Not bringing him would cause natural disasters in Uruguay. xp