eek WOOOOOO!!!!! Yesterday (Tuesday) was a whole much needed day out of the house! rolleyes I couldn't be more relaxed than I am now considering the fact that I've been in the house since the coronavirus hit here in Ohio!!!! The COVID-19 has really affected a lot of people in a lot of ways and in my situation, it has affected me more mentally and socially without a doubt. gonk stressed I'm glad I had some quality time with my Grandma on my Dad's side, we've always been very close ever since I was basically able to walk and talk. heart heart I got myself dolled up because it's been so long that I have gotten out of the house that WASN'T related to a doctor or therapy related appointment. sweatdrop gonk wahmbulance

She picked me up around like, 12:00, 12:30 pm and we traveled to Kentucky (my hometown and place of birth) because that's where better stores are and better places to eat are. We just goofed around, laughed, talked, picked on each other, made fun of some stupid things like we always do and genuinely enjoyed each other's company. smile heart :heart My Grandma is only 70 years old, but she's basically like my mother because she's ALWAYS been there for me NO MATTER what happens. She gives me and anyone else in the family unconditional love and support, like she is the most loving woman I have ever know and that I am blessed to even call my Grandma. heart But, ANNNNNYYYYYWAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! We stopped at Chik-Fil-A for a quick bite to eat (I know I'm going to get a lot of s**t for this but I frankly don't care, lmfao) before going to Kohl's out in Cold Spring, Kentucky. It really hit the spot, and it has been SO long I forgot what I typically ordered!!!! rofl rolleyes lol

Then while I got my food and ate it in the car, we arrived to Kohl's and we got a lot of stuff!!! Frankly, given how busty I am I didn't think I'd get ANY luck in finding bras, but I got THREE that fit PERFECTLY that I will keep and only have to return one within the 180 day policy. Then I got two pairs of Converse shoes, one pair was on clearance for like 80% off with a cheetah print pattern high top type and the other pair was like a pastel tye-dye/ombre color shoe and BOTH fit!!! Like bras, I have an EXTREMELY difficult time finding cute shoes in my size because my feet are HUGE. talk2hand 3nodding sweatdrop And just for the hell of it, I found a cute periwinkle color nail polish because I've been thinking about painting my nails again since it's been so goddamn long. gonk blaugh sweatdrop And before checking out yesterday, I found the most soft and warm cardigan that I can wear in fall AND winter in my house that will protect me from getting sick since I'm prone to getting bronchitis and upper respiratory infections more so than others. emo mad stressed I also found three pairs of underwear for $30. The cost??? Well, it was well over $150 just to put it nicely. rofl sweatdrop :roll I'm also NOT the type to enjoy shopping much, so even THAT shocks me to enjoy shopping and ACTUALLY go!!! 4laugh

Therapy was at 7:00 pm yesterday and it was mostly a session with my Dad, my therapist and myself, which actually went a WHOLE lot better than I was expecting!! My Dad and I have a rather.... Strained relationship due to multiple reasons so it was it really nice to be able to communicate WITHOUT screaming at each other and hitting each other, you know?? eek surprised sweatdrop And I also found out that my Dad is in the stage of high possibility of having a stroke or a heart attack due to high blood pressure from drinking and under chronic stress, which makes me worried. sad cry As much as our relationship is strained, I still love my father for being a man and raising me on his own and doing the best he could and paying my medical bills. heart crying Without my Dad, I really don't know what would happen to me and my husband or what would simply happen to ME. He's all I got besides my Grandma and my husband... I could use all the prayers!!! wahmbulance sad

But as for today, on a Wednesday, me and my husband have just been spending time together and been lazy, although he did make an AMAZING chicken alfredo with spinach and some julienne potatoes. heart razz It's been a good two days overall and I hope to see more good days in the future for sure. xp