After finally getting through Route 25 and helping Bill out, I was rewarded with a SS Ticket and I returned to Cerulean City to take on Misty and her Gym Trainers. Both Whitney and Gwenivere slaughtered the Gym Trainers but Misty, on the other hand, was a whole different level. I pretty much relied on Whitney to take out Misty's Staryu while sacrificing Ryoko and Cloud (my Magikarp and Pidgey respectively) to tank some hits while I heal Whitney and Gwenivere so that I can whittle down Starmie's HP. Thank god the stun spore worked pretty well. But I won so now I can add Lemon and Rocksteady back onto to my team.

I think when I go to the route before Vermillion City, I'll save my first encounter/catch for when I have a good rod because I would like to have a water type Pokemon on my team if i don't evolve the EEvee from Celadon CIty into a vaporeon. Anyways, my team (prior to putting Lemon and Rocksteady back on my team) are all on level 16-18 and I realize I'm gonna have some grinding to do before the Vermillion Gym, but that's why we have the SS Anne. I just can't wait til I get the VS Seeker so that I can go back and re battle trainers for better experience.

My new level cap is level 24, maybe if I struggle with Lt. Surge (which I shouldn't because I do have Rocksteady, Link, and Buttercup to help out), I may give myself a little bit of leeway and raise the level cap to 25 or 26. But I shouldn't have trouble with him because I think just Link and Rocksteady alone, they can take him. And even better, Lt. Surge is using three Pokemon and I get to as well.