Today, my psychiatrist said my bad cholesterol is from a history of not exercising.
You see, I was a gamer.
More accurately, I was a video game addict.
And, I was addicted to daydreaming, then writing stories.
So, I did want to be fit, but the exercise was in my mind, and writing ever since high school ended.
Sure, I was thin. But, I got weak.
To me, exercise was a social matter, like most kids. So, while other kids exercised with me in play, I was fit. But, then, they "grew up," and they stopped exercising for lazy pass times they associated with adulthood, like sitting on a recliner drinking booze.
So, I found myself alone in wanting to be active, and retreated to videogames, and daydreaming, later replaced by story writing.
Well, now, I'm obese, weak, and have bad cholesterol in my thirties.
I used to just blame everyone else for not playing with me, and be depressed about it.
Now, I'm doing the responsible thing, and exercising.
And, you should, too.
You don't want this to happen to you, do you? So, exercise. In reality.