Sure today was fun... No not really..

Meep. XD ... No one understands me anymore, I've devoloped new "mix words" ... And I've added them to my .. Er... Enlarged vocabulary of words I made up .. Or mixed... xDD ... I'm not weird, I just get bored easily... Yesh...

Anyway, I fell asleep in class today eek .. That's all over TV and all but you never think it's going to happen to you- hell, you don't even think it happens to people.. In the real "non-Hollywood" world. Gah! You're wrong!! The librarian was reading this weird story and I put my head down and closed my eyes- I had a headache from getting hit with a basketball WHILE PLAYING SOCCER!! Yah well anyway, the guy that sits next to me was just like "dude! Wake up!! You're going to get in serious-" and than there was the teacher "Young lady! What do you think you're doing!? Pay attention please! This isn't nap time!"

Well at least I hadn't started sleeptalking- yet.. As I usually do.

Besides that, I just noticed I got a tan- yah well sorta... My feet are white-ish, flip-flops=no. I always wear socks so now yah.. Great my whole body is like tan.. Sorta lighter a bit lighter though and my feet arn't >.< ...

And than, the fact that I skateboarded down a hugely steep hill- with my 3-year old cousin.. Because she wouldn't let go of my hair untill I did. I was going to crash so I jumped off my board so my cuz would go straight for a little while, than I had to run after my board and lift my cuz of it and then hope that my board wouldn't land UNDER thebridge near the end of the hill... Great day eh?

xDD .. Well, I'm still happy- I'm not a preppy kind of person but I'm usually in a good mood... YEsh..,