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The Chronicles of the Weezie and the inflatable turtle
Weezie's random ramblings!!! Wahaaa!!
Winter colds and baby stuff...
So several months have passed since I was last here, and some things are the same.

COVID is still a big thing around the world. We've been quite lucky here in that our lockdown measures have worked, and numbers have been kept fairly low, so at the moment at least, it's pretty much business as usual, except we are encouraged to wear masks in public places.

After the full Level 4 lockdown lifted a few months ago, we got back on track with taking Sabrina to a playgroup at the local Plunket down the street from us, and also now she's enrolled in a Playcentre two days a week.

That means, Mondays and Tuesdays we drop her off, and she spends six hours playing with other kids while I get some time to catch up on other stuff like housework. I've always rejoined the Curves gym I used to go to out in Mana, in the hopes of losing some weight and getting a bit fitter so I don't feel like a 90 year old.

Taina, unfortunately has had to go back to working in the 2 Degrees store up in Coastlands mall, so he doesn't get to do the job at home he was enjoying during the first lockdown. He's not particularly happy about it: the commute makes his work days feel long, and causes me a lot of stress, especially as he works both Saturday and Sunday so on those days I don't have the option of Playcentre for Sabrina.

I love looking after her, of course, but she still doesn't go down for naps easily, and she needs constant attention, partly because she's started climbing on furniture so I have to keep her from falling off and hurting herself, but also she just gets so whiny if I leave her in a room by herself for even a few seconds. As a result, simple things like going to the toilet or having something to eat become insanely difficult when I'm home alone with Sabrina.

It's quite common when children first start being around a range of other people, especially other kids, they catch a lot of colds and flus because their bodies have no prior immunity to any strains of these viruses. So since Sabrina started going to Playcentre and Playgroup these last couple of months, she's had about four different colds, more or less one after the other with little time for recovery. Taina and I have been catching them off her too so we've both had a lot of sicknesses this Winter.

One of mine turned into a sinus infection and I had to go to the doctor to get antibiotics, but of course most medical centres are currently being super cautious because of COVID, so for my appointment, I had to park around the back of the clinic and go through a back entrance, and as part of my checkup I was given a nasal swap for COVID.

Some people I've heard hate the test. But it really didn't bother me at all. Something small was slipped in my nose, felt a bit weird and ticklish for several seconds, and then it was done. I wasn't worried because I was already quite confident it wasn't COVID, and sure enough I was sent a text a couple of days later giving me the all clear.

My sinus infection finally went away a few days ago thanks to the antibiotics, but now Sabrina seems to have caught a new cold, and Taina woke up this morning realising he had come down with it too. So far, hasn't hit me. But I know it could merely be a matter of time.

I've been told eventually Sabrina will build up immunity and won't keep catching so many colds and flus anymore, but I hope we reach that stage soon as these last couple of months have been exhausting.

Sabrina is 15 months old now, which is 1 year and 3 months. She had a birthday party in June, just after Level 4 lockdown had ended. It was a small gathering, us, Dad and Jill, Jill's daughter Brierlee, Taina's parents Debra and John, Taina's older brother Dallas and his kids Tyler and Bronson, and Jess, Luke and Riley.

Jess got a really cool Mickey Mouse cake made by some ladies she knows who do amazing cakes, and it was really delicious. Basically we all hung out, ate food, chatted and listened to music. Sabrina had fun and she got some great presents, like Minnie Mouse duplo, a toy cellphone and some picture books.

Sabrina still isn't walking, which wouldn't have bothered me if it wasn't for the fact people keep asking me if she is walking yet. But really, lots of babies take up to 18-20 months to learn to walk, so she's not behind yet. Plus, she's strong and clever. She pulls herself up to standing, walks around holding furniture (it's called cruising), and can sit herself down or kneel down easily to crawl across to other parts of the room. In fact, her crawling is so fast it's hard to catch her if she takes off down the hall. She can climb up onto furniture, and sometimes she can stand on her own without holding on to anything for several seconds. So although she isn't walking independently, it certainly doesn't seem like she has any problems with her physical development.

She does some other cool stuff too. She says "Hey" and "Bye" and often waves at people. She also says, "Mama", "Dada", "okay", and "Nummy" or "Yummy" when she's hungry or when she smells food.

She loves her music and sings a lot, using various random sounds instead of words. Everything is a drum kit to her. She eats yoghurt from a pottle, then turns it upside-down and starts drumming on the bottom of it. If I pick her up and let her get too close to my head, my head becomes a drum kit. It's adorable, if sometimes hazardous.

Lately she also grabs books, opens them up and points at words and starts saying gibberish words, pretending she is reading. It's so funny.

Well, I might have to wrap this up, because it's getting mighty cold in here, and also my stomach feels a bit unwell. Hopefully it's not illness from Sabrina.

So catch you another time!

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