Misery loves company
A true statement, an uncomfortable true statement.
I at first was ready to give up when it became so difficult to find my way back into the lives of those who had gone. I was so surprised to hear how many of our group ventured into parts unknown to me, going further up the state, crossing time zones, crossing the very equator itself. I'm thankful of the day and age I find myself in, only a few decades ago communication to far out lands was very difficult and time consuming. Even so, all the technology in the world won't help if I don't know where to start looking. With little incentive to continue my search I found myself in a slump, wondering aloud to the few friends I have here. It wasn't until very recently when a colleague mentioned to me that there was more than the living world to search for. I rather loathed the idea due to how emotional I can be but it was better than nothing at all.
And there I was. Standing alone at the far end of the hill overlooking the rest of mountain side. My five fallen friends at my side, enjoying the scenery as they always did. The empty spaces ahead of them a constant reminder of the bond they shared with my mentor and friend and their group. Just as they were shunned in life, so they chose to own it and set themselves aside from the majority. They now wait patiently for the rest of us. It is only here that I can hear their laughs and voices, their unique attitudes that I rarely find now these days. Such precious sparks of life, snuffed out in an instant. The memories are enough to bring a tear to my eye as I desperately ache for their companionship in these lonesome times. It's selfish of me, of course, to think such things. They were at least spared this existence. I know three of them were sickly in some way, shape, or form. The other two would probably have found themselves incapable of withstanding the isolation. So they lay here now, weathering the storm, indeed any storm that comes their way. I can only take comfort in the words on one of their graves. Perhaps I too will find my end that way.

"It's better to pass into that other world, with full passion and glory, than to fade and wither dismally with age"- Nikolai