To whom it may concern,

Today my sargeant sent me the list of what I need to bring for,
BOOT CAMP!! Which surprized me, seeing as how I don't have a job yet. question In fact I've been waiting since July for one. eek My mom jokes thatI should tell him I want a job for Christmas. blaugh Speaking of Christmas with the arrival of the list, I know what I'm getting. xp In other affairs, my brother and his family moved to Arizonia today, taking the demons he calls kids with him. But, seriously I'm going to miss those girls(maybe stare ). Why, he is going to attend BMW mechanic school, so he can fix my car. xd (when I get it) so this morning was the last time I(hope) to see him for a few years. I should be stationed some by then.*knocks on wood* Well, I believe thats all I've got to share today. Remember, eat your green vegetables.