as of late we were,once again, invaded by 4chan, and thankyou whoever you are who did this for posting a random topic in /b/(random) to invite more of 4chan's users to our lovely forums...stupid s**t.

I myself like both sites, 4chan for its sarcasm, funny pictures and other things...and better invading skills...and gaia for my friends,but really not to sound like a hippy but why fight? seriously the smarter person shuts up,but oh no, someone brought it upon themself to make it like the swift vengence of a god down upon those who pissed us off and invade their site,seriously they didnt even know they were being invaded,thats how much we suck at invading. but i'll give 4chan a little lead on this because ive found awsome mecha pictures from many animes I like.

either way I guess it doesnt matter,they went in GD if i'm not mistaken and that place is already a hell hole of spam,trolls and pron,so why bother? i'm siding with 4chan for at least not gloating about invading and at least attacking other sites,yet I have yet to see us gloat about our failure, so we could aslo be good little gaians and be polite about it, I wont give kudo's just yet. ninja