I’ve become fascinated by hummingbirds lately. There are several feeders in ny gardens and I have one window feeder, which is my favorite. Yesterday we spent some time lounging, reading and talking, all the while watching the many hummingbirds take a drink. We were able to take several pictures and videos. They’re so interesting. The slow motion clips are amazing. We’re going to start a journal and see if we can differentiate between them. I’m interested to discover if it’s the same birds returning.

They’re beauty has inspired me to paint a series based on the pictures we’ve taken. I started one this morning, as I had some quiet time alone. When Lucas comes home from work, we’ll go kayaking and try to catch some fish for dinner. I was up early this morning to harvest some quahogs and just finished preparing them for later. One of our favorite things to do is cook dinner in the fire pit as the sun goes down. This evening we’re having a couple friends over (with proper social distancing). I’m looking forward to it.