aha touch me how can it be biggrin
the stars is my home
the earth is my grave
the sun is my freedom

Yukie give Mikie a Cookie , Mikie splint the cookie into half and as she shared the other half to Yukie a terrible accident happen. The cookie fell down. how many pieces of cookies are there left ?
answer A 1
answer B 2
answer C 3
answer D none

two years ago i worked in the ICU unit and we were giving care to an old lady. she was past 90 years old. While ageism is a discrimination or a stigma often given towards our elderly.. the poor lady had suffered from a stroke before. we could not save her cpr didn't work neither. we were very sad when the old lady passed away then the nurse in charge told us there is nothing we can do when the lord calls upon his child. its a new beginning for her now. i saw a small ball of light leaving her body right in the middle of her chest where the heart is situated then leave the room through the blue door which remain closed during emergency.