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Welcome to my art diary!
Here, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look into all the art I make for others here on Gaia.
Join alongside my figures, The Magical Gaian Crew and me in my creative process, as well as any other fun or notable events occurring during my day!

Updates will be vary, depending on my workload and activity,
but I will try to update every Saturday with at least one Gaia artpiece!.

I hope you'll enjoy reading my blog as much as I love to write in it and share my adventures with you!

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⚘. ENTRY 1: Return With a BANG!
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Hey, everyone!! I was able to get some sleep today (more than yesterday, too!), and I feel very great! It's now officially time for our journey with the Gaia blog to commence!!! First entry, baby! WHAOO!!!1

Our first behind-the-scenes takes us back to the 23rd of June, where we make our grand return ...

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Armed with coffee in my husbando mug, I was eager as all can be to draw! Now sadly I don't have as many photos to show due to this blog idea not being fully realized yet, but we still got plenty of WIPpage to cover here!

Okay, I have an idea!! Due to all the photos I will have in each entry, it would take FOREVER scrolling through the page, so to save your time and energy, I will split it up into sections containing each avatar WIPS (except if I only post about one person), hiding them in spoilers to save your scrollbar and eyes.

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Miki Akane
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Full-body, Illustration.

After completing some more drafts, I randomly flipped back in my Gaia diary (the sketchbook where I do all my Gaia art in) to find a sketch of Miki's avatar, who was one of my prize winners from my Christmas thread. Surprisingly, it was a completed sketch! All done and everything. How come I never finished it is beyond me! But it was about time this got done at long last, so I began to work on it! Sadly I forgot to shoot the initial sketch I had done, but you can sort of see it here lol

User Image

Gettin' her done~!
Originally, I began taking WIP shots to send privately as an extra bonus, which is how these came about. And also to update my boyfriend and best friend!

User Image

Inks are COMPLETE!
I generally struggle with traditional inking due to how clumsy I am, but this turned out nice! Plus the shapes of her avatar were very nice to run through! But that's not the fun part for me.

User Image


Man, do I LOVE to color. It's just so satisfying to watch a drawing come to life and feel more complete. Plus it's also very relaxing! I had just recently gotten some new colored pencils, so you betchya I was more than eager to use them to make this prize look good!!

User Image

Here, I'm basically applying the flat colors. This allows lighter areas and highlight application in the shading phase. Now generally, I don't have a systematic process, but rather I do everything at once as I go along. However, it would be more organized and easier to show each phase individually!

User Image

Flat colors now COMPLETE!
The color pencils don't look fantastic from these shots I'm sure ... also due to my desk lamp sort of fading things out oops but trust me, these are amazing pencils. They REALLY shine here thanks to the colors of this avatar, which is even more prominently shown in the next phase, another favorite of mine.

But first ---
User Image

A break with The Magical Gaian Crew! Coming in to say hi to everyone!! don't drop that energon cube, Optimus-

Okay now we get to the real good stuff.

User Image

SHADING TIME, BAYBAY!!!! sorry about my ugly tan fingers getting in the shot

Shading is when a piece of art truly starts to come to life, and I always enjoy this process, too. I am more experienced shading digitally than I am traditionally (since there's no such thing as ctrl+z in the real world HU-HA!), but I've taken note of colored pencil shading techniques over the years! You can also get a better idea on how vibrant these pencils are.

User Image

I generally do my shading in layers. I apply the first layer as the foundation, then use darker colors to help add volume and dimension. Here I accidentally added the other layers on the skin, oops

User Image
Almost done here~!

Megatron and Madoka are checking up on my progress.

Add the darker layers, define the highlights, do the finishing touches, and ...

User Image

We got ourselves a completed piece of art here, ladies and gentlemen!!!


now uh this is supposed to be where I place the scanned image that shows the art in its full glory but I don't have it scanned atm but once I do, I'll edit this out :')

User Image FINAL THOUGHTS: I really enjoyed doing Miki's avatar! although I say this with every avatar and character I draw bleh This one had very fun and pleasant shapes to ink, and the look of the avatar is very nice, too! Even though I made some errors, I sure hope she likes it!! I sincerely apologize that it took me five freaking months to finally get this done. OTL Man I need a fusion cannon to the face! Lol.

The Immortal Prince
User Image

Sprite, Illustration.

This and the other part won't be so jampacked like the first because my dumbarse forgot to take progress pictures. >~< So I only have two for this one.
Immortal here is one of my commission samples!

User Image

This one didn't take long at all since I had started on it back in winter. There were some shadows already applied! With my newfound techniques, it's time to make this diamond shine!!

User Image


Man, my desk lamp kind of ruins the shots ... I oughta make sure to do this during the day then when there's natural light.

final scanned image to come soon lol

User Image FINAL THOUGHTS: Not much to say about this since I forgot to show my progress like an idiot. It only took a half-hour to finish! Immortal has really awesome character designs! I remember being wowed when he presented a list of his designed avatars as options for me to choose from. I found myself quite content with the results! If you're reading this, Immortal, do hit me up in the future if you need any art done! I'd love to try working on your other creations!! ^0^

star dazl
User Image

Sprite, Illustration.

Star is from my massive commission sample project. Like Immortal, I didn't take many photos while I was working on this, but there are more to show! This one was somewhat challenging to do due to how I wanted to go about this specifically.

User Image

When looking at the avatar, most of it (if not all of it) was outlined in such lovely colors. It didn't feel right just to ink this in the typical black ... not when I have an array of fine liner pens in my arsenal! After finishing up the sketch (forgot photo ugh), I tried my very best to use the closest matching colors to replicate that beautiful and colorful pixel outline. I realized that I made some aesthetic errors due to how I interpreted this (made this back in winter also), so I had to add and fix some things. and also messed up on the tree a bit there OTL

It was alright sailing for the rest of the way, thankfully!

User Image

Very soft colors. It was such a pleasure coloring this in. I recreated the skin tone color using a skin and light grey together. Came out quite close!

User Image

Almost done with the shadows. Badabing, badaboom---

User Image



final scanned image coming soon lol

User Image FINAL THOUGHTS: This one was a bit challenging due to the errors I made thanks to my bad eyes back in winter. But I made it! And it came out quite nice! This more unique avatar just serves as another reminder of why Gaia is so creatively stimulating for me. It's truly amazing to see how unique everyone's avatar designs are!! I love it so much!! I quite enjoyed myself working on this unique avatar. Hope you like it, Star!!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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So I've been at this entry for hours now! x'''D It's midnight here, and that's mainly due to the aesthetic hunting and figuring out how exactly do I want to format these blog entries, but everything's coming together! This section here will be the part where I share what else has been happening. Yeah, that!

User Image

Despite my psychiatrically ill overlords declaring this period to be the valley phase, I've been drawing quite a bit here for the last several days! It's like, I have this intense need to draw and fill my sketchbooks as much as I can! I have over 80 sketchbooks, by the way. I am not joking.

Madoka accompanies me while I am making use of these two cute sketchbooks I found on Amazon. They're great doodle books. Perfect for doodling on the go, too! If I'm still feeling this inspired and full of energy during this valley phase ('cause generally I lose interest in the things I love during these), then by all means ....

User Image

Let's put it into good use!

That all about covers this first entry! Thank you very much for reading. I really look forward to posting more art and watching this blog develop into its own overtime. That's the joy of online blogging~!

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  • User Comments: [2]
    Community Member

    Fri Jun 26, 2020 @ 11:07pm

    Awesome job getting your first entry in Anca!
    I have so much to say!!
    Miki Akane
    OMG I love your coloring and shading on Miki! Love it so much!
    I'm so bad at coloring with color pencils (the same in digital too) that everything is always one shade. Then there is the whole "press as hard as you can so the colors shine through" thing my hand always do sweatdrop I always go light at first, but if my eyes can't see, my hands instinctively presses harder and by the time I notice, it's already too late. crying
    I think that's why I started going digital, that and because I also press down hard on the sketches. I need to go back and start practicing again with light sketches.
    Love the outcome! emotion_bigheart

    Immoral Prince
    How did you get so much details in a Sprite!!
    It it were me, that design on the coat would have just been a line XD
    And the hands!?! They look like hands, I'm still doing circles in my chibis. Tell me your secrets emotion_kirakira
    Now how can I not talk about that little boar emotion_bigheart It's so adorable, I just want to grab it and squish it.

    Star Dazl
    The first thing I notice are those gorgeous eyes!!
    It just sucks you into the drawing and never lets you go.
    I agree, black outline would not have had as big of an impact as your current colors.
    Amazing is all I can really say, and those details in the hair! Wow!

    Community Member

    Tue Jun 30, 2020 @ 05:06am

    Before I say anything else... Wow! What a fun read! ^^ You have just as much talent for writing as you do drawing!

    I loved reading about and seeing your creative process. I'm actually trying to learn to draw myself (albeit at a snail's pace lol), so learning about other artist's creative processes helps me so much with my practice! ^^ Thank you for sharing in such detail!

    Each piece that you shared was wonderful, but I think that my favorite was the piece that you did for star dazl—the colors were just so excellent!

    I'm looking forward to the next entry! ^^

    User Comments: [2]
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