Warning: Everyone sees me as being really happy, but this poem, is anything but. I am having some family health problems now, and I just want to vent.

To my Papa {I hope everything goes okay.}.

These days of unending pain,
tare at my heart, they're all the same.
Crying one day, sleeping the next,
this is all just some madness, some unruly test.

Oh some days are good, but most are bad,
no wonder Im down, broken, and sad.
I try to stay happy, hide my pain with a smile,
but if you stay around me, you will see me in a while.

The me that's tired, aching in defeat,
crying out for some rest, needing relief.
The me that's hidden, behind these walls,
the walls I put up, when I choose to fall.

You think Im so strong, think Im so tough,
well guess what everyone, I've had enough.
I want to throw in the towel, put up my hands,
and say, " Enough with these trials, no one understands."

But things keep me going, and going on strong,
for when I feel down, and like I don't belong.
I lean on my God, and He helps me through,
for without my Lord, I don't know what I'd do.

And for my friends that have my back,
the ones that are there, when my confidence does lack.
I give them my life, my gratitude, and my trust,
for love is something above all, and ultimatly enough.