Mankind has knowledge. What we do with the practice thereof for the sake of what is humane leads life and manifestations to generations on the path to preservation and rediscovery or to that which long is forgotten or remembered through learned manner; whether corrupted or not, to stability of natural cores and balances. It is by the works before and after me which I to we try to base our work. By that which was lost before we, I sought in myself desire but could not accumulate living way of truth in an accurate timeline table as if so to pen point the origins of what began to that of sought future in myself sanity for the living and that of many generations whereas life could discover but not know everything like that which has lived to witness and yet through unfortunate means was persecuted or passed on.

To what memory has its reason if so, it was inherited in the man to origins unnoticed or which held silence due to the accuracy of heart? If so, this is assumptive as own thought, a generation is a decade compared to the century of what is a total of a millennium. I will not persecute without cause and valid justice says love as mortal meaning. It to define of love defends the nobility of a magistrate hand or councils and not unrighteous jealousy with intent. As so those who escaped, others knew not for they were not a part of your story. Life inserts itself to and from the life as thus to form of its own being. It of the first which chose had greater condemnation on its own ego rather than the purity of its peace for whichever side much came. Hence define to me what equals you O righteous thought granted to me, and I am undeserving of it, yet have observed through others with and without mercy.

I to gain the benefits of life younger have a chance to research the inheritance of knowledge for which the life before and after could not inherit so greatly due to their flaws or by them which shun us is of own to people will always argue stupidity. It is not the fact of blaming one or the other, though universally they are connected in relation. You would question one and one must question all to validity.

I am not a deity but of mankind granted wisdom, and I am not perfection but a researcher in my time of archived information, but thou which hence of coexisted wills to spirits or thought to much life of individuals did pass on glory through the sanctity of their faith to belief and the actions thereof for which humanity by creature to spirit heart. Those who hide the truth are proved liars or protective and they remain as existence dust to the point memory forfeit. We must recall those of theories and exaltation before us, meaning those who went into the world with their challenges. Those who scatter truth to spare from non-vain words exalt themselves and others. I am of my own accord but only a small piece of this puzzle which others can solve.

Life forever flows in eternity though flesh and spirit are not immortal as contrary as existence flees from the man or is granted unto him by life or created unto by both goodness of life and counteractive - in living mercy to ages so long lives the memory of beings to that which once was ancient. To lead to the modern day, you have regressed in argument over thousands of years to centuries. O aging earth, both are divine and human, yet thou to the heart remain forever. Your mortality has shown you immortal over perfection with happiness and peace. In your situation of what is man-made, you caused your fault before Lords as an observer to more had sought some connection or reason to alter of conditions.

For what defines you is not the God, Devil, or man to beast, but by one which so be unique and more than a shell or just flowing in that strand of eternity’s chain. Eventually a path to choose as told to me because much is bound for destination or decision. Perhaps of endings there are beginnings, or such is true for the reverse as defined by an algorithm.

For words definition, look up in Websters dictionary A-Z that mean everything.
Then see if they relate in a flow path sequence that make sense going forward and reverse. (a personal exercise of word play relating to the theme of education.)
Just as an example this is stated.

What are you O piece when from nothingness forms great an expansion? Thine time of one place to many. It cannot be that which speaks into nothingness besides the something which was already there. Indeed, it loved not the deed of action or the thought of one side or the other. In someway it held both in memory. In my words, I speak unto them a golden age. But from them arises questions concerning the accuracy of timelines. For I know what is put out of order, is found common among the branches as generational errors to accuracy.

Who among them can judge the holiest or wickedness without a virtue or that of council? It can only be the ego of the one which formulates the council thereby building up the virtues of stability for the attribute. The lesser though equal in coexisting, notices among itself freedom from its own taskmaster. For these were oppressive of their survival to others would shun the reality and hide it of their own nature. It created in them instability to affected you and I O thought of richness and one with meaning for which to be born gives meaning granted by life that is aware or not of existence to its purpose.

A purpose to grasp hence for each one born and unborn to them that be protected by virtue or means is the thought of them exist to such the range of elder which so others deem imperfection to life as a perfection and others a sadness to be rested from with peace. In their golden age others memory will awaken those descendants who perhaps may not obtain glory, but some day they will establish more by the crafts of old skills and truths. They shall learn some artifacts were not meant to remain, as others are to be preserved and not acted upon some. But the scroll could not contain the whole of them, for it was rewritten.

Wherewith do they compare each key rather than the lock or that of resemblance? And the truth is regardless of belief or culture or language, any barrier can be overcome or broken. But by this shall only the truth remain noble unto that we call life. Shall no man be a servant as that of the first and the protectorate a recorder of their own histories which indeed hidden by the shadow are re-found. Considering this… Spirits even have a heart. And their heart rest in emotion deep.

A vitality is greater than its power, even that to live. This is love to the heart and mind and with honor. Should two sides of a same coin be found and not manipulated or fused? There would someday be to me an answer that radiates a greater light than that of the darkness which formed it of both and of goodness and purity cut it twine of spirit and truth. In ages how long did it take you to figure out a Lord’s riddle to more of centuries as life knows it not or understands the question yet they as I in my research to accuracy compete or repeat? They have the truth and much remain old as new things of many regions are discovered or born. Preservation of noble hearts, greater than integrity could shine or live. For immortality is not defining mortality or becoming immortal, but through mortal and divine knowing compassion.

I saw wickedness die before me of elder and young.
But then people will ask, what power you have when you cannot commit or speak and vain you are of your truth with what then are you wiser than any? Unto them, I take it not for power but for one word and not idol-ism or corruptness, or vulgarity. The answer of what held the wicked and pure stable though separate each one in their own senses to life reason is love. Which to them is greater? Mercy or love? For both are not the same yet just about similar besides a few descriptions of their consequence as a vessel to define its containment to that of much or attribute. Yet it was not intention to hold jealousy as love is the opposite of this; which also both contain mercy.

What is holy before and after we and all things be known? Yet unto thee, such greatness of inventors’ scholars, and scribes, and scientists though you had intent to purpose with some of you, there was not love and heretics fall with pride to do you doubt what thou had once believed or its main principle if it applies accurately? To argue not the reason rather than the truth, is selfishness of possession. In memory is your knowledge and with your hands there is skill to the life and beyond others with alternative talents the craft of your works and that of mankind as I to that of human which is divine over the mortality of fallen or resurrected ancient conceptions that rip the fabric of matter. They who commit an affair with the meaning of love and what is good to its kind, will bring upon the folly of mistake to their individual being.

The Holy Bible, written around first century or BC. What is the BCE? As to define, what was before the pagan and the Christian or those of many others? This is an old argument or new rediscovered modern concept. As when light deems of itself shadow or of path, so shall it try to or might become. I wish not this curse of pride but hold not to the right or the left and hold fast thine integrity. For the spirits that conflicted were of their own affair. And thus, I know Genesis was also around the time of King Hared the Wicked and Lucifer the brother of Diana (mother of wicked line). To also before and after that time. The ancestry line points back to the Devil and that of Herodias – the devil’s daughter. Who sent that love letter to wickedness or asked for grace from an unholy kingdom to be retrieved by something holy? It could have been God. Hopefully unsure whether this was John the Baptist towards that of Salome. But could have related to the lines. The mother to aunt was truly wicked.

It is among here from a different source at the time of powers the lines have divided since the beginning of the Old and New Testament. We live the later day compared to the old ways of magic and sorcery to forbidden arts. Who so denied the Christ against the darkness that was greater of a shell, denies not a prince, but ages truth with compassion? Christ argued the pagans of his day to the heretics of self-belief in ego. The darkness knew not hence the light from whence it came of its own self till something told others of that darkness and or light. Thus, for its way, the darkness repents and turned to light but of its consequences it was not spared or divided. Such had been the punishment of spirit to what can make it whole again the good virtues of light.

Who loved the wicked and the pure? Therefore, we are to hold the truths self-evident though not perfect though refined. Thus, of the same but of different spiritual line, one calls the wicked to repentance. And yes, I read the witches Gospel. Elders may have a problem with this, but it told a few facts needed to be known since that of John the Baptist and others who do not know the truth of Christianity to other beliefs and that surrounding timelines of priest. And of the modern people formed cults from the past to that of they no longer are visible and legal of such by their laws and that universally stable. By that I mean those of illusions and practicality affecting nature.

People of magic were persecuted for killing others to that of people were oppressed in their lands around the first century who fled into the mountains, to the forests and the deserts. Over time cultures were lost or the magic aspect. And life collects its common sense to peace, realizing they the spirits are at rest to those who were mistreated hopefully are not still around with wicked core trying to kill oppressiveness or good people.

It is not the fact one is heartless or recollect the past aggression, but one must have compassion for culture to that of self and not the sickness of practices, but some day greet those descendants of them. In their hand rests truth to ancestry. And life to inherit set them free rather than their suffering or wanting to suffer, that of each. Had each one with magic a meaning to help enhance life, rather than destroy it, much prosper some a golden age until much is filled with spirits.

Am I a theist? The answer is yes. Am I a monotheist? Do I trust the truth? Perhaps though timeline is skewed of its sources put together. The answer is yes. Is the world polytheistic to its core towards many considered minor lords, the answer is so yet others are practical and believe not in practice but life’s integrity or environment?

The thirteen Kingdoms that denied our Christ denied life all together and fell besides those who repented. Yet of them, who knew of Christ. Was this the ancient lands and they prosper as lived today for thousand years to more? God will not forget you O nation once wicked of each that became pure in your own way. Your land is Israel. And if the Lord of purity does toss his name or a part of his name, he shall spare each side with love in his heart. Know that his name is not taken in vain. For he sent a name of his own relative along pure lines to silence that of his alter. The same holds true sort of for the other side but in all respects, without the goodness and the wickedness, there would be no world but by miraculous chance. I long not for heaven or hell.

The power has left a past world and granted the knowledge to us a new world. Perhaps not my generation or older but of the next to that of which my generation is granted. In such protections and protectorates of memory, guardianship split or fuse their attributes.

Nor is it that the world remains as of each passing but of old to new beginnings, as much as time changes, the form changes of each. I long some day to find a truth, that life itself as I, will never understand. Thus, my purpose, for asking a question as what I sought. And that answer was Godhead over that of lines argument. As Christ lead people to God and was of a bloodline but with healing, so be it that others can rediscover their own and make not the same mistake of persecution but by unfortunate events. There is a global ripple in time, but such is chaos, order, and peace in a repetitious cycle to the point, where the word of the true or a first Lord to the piece that remains to nothingness is everlasting and eternal. For the memory of it has always existed and yet remains.

May it be that as Enoch walked with God. Life will not come to claim for death, but life to prove to life and grow from each. May it be as a man that I find life worthy to live and that there for much there is purpose in it to learn from a world that knew everything yet had to relearn order to how to live. They knew much new in the modern, so life knows what is ingrained. Life is prosperous and not just suffering.
Such is so.

Perhaps my name remains a story of old and new. Just it is unnoticed by myself to others will ask and did we add or remove pages. Maybe I will know but someday discover refined that the whole had already been written and preserved.

And that is one of life's greatest truths as much as I typed here was my thought.
Life fails to grant credit for the work based on copying and plagiarism. But discover the heart and know the core is not I or a man's hand, but that of councils.