So let me tell you all something. I completely forgot about my last journal entry on here but I'm so happy I found it because now I can give this update. Indeed I was pregnant so many years ago. Turns out I was having a little boy. While me and the father didn't work things out very well, my son and I are very happy and he is healthy. He just turned 8 years old earlier this month!. Oh my how time has flown by. For all those new mommies who just found out they are pregnant or just recently had a baby don't take a moment for granted because they grow up so fast. They grow up to run circles around you, to find new best friends, to even talk back and make you wish they could be little one more time so you could just cuddle with them and rock them to sleep. Hopefully my next update won't be so many years in between. I still haven't married although I've had a few different boyfriends throughout the years but we are happy and I have a wonderful boyfriend now and we are taking one day at a time where this life leads us.