I'm a team captain now. It's my fifth management position, and yet in my free time my thoughts mentally obsess over the smallest leadership mistakes even when I've made steps to correct them. I have made peace with this.

Jun is a rapist, Ann is a spoiled child, and Sel is so ******** he doesn't even know what's wrong with himself. I have let go of how much of a train wreck that situation became.

I should meditate soon. I tend to be scared of doing that, but it's a relief every time I'm finally sitting. I tend to compare it to heavy lifting, but maybe it's more of mental posture; sometimes slouching just feels more comfortable, even though it really isn't.

Kind of funny how Sheila and I will be presenting on exactly that thing as we dare to give tips on how to cope with community quarantine from a mental health perspective. Funnier still that I will lead the meditation at the beginning of the session.

I quit my otome games. I've avoided going to Tsumino. Martin and I had sex the other day, but I just don't seem as inclined to indulge in mental and emotional romanticism over the act after.

I think it's okay for me to let this go; it never really stuck anyway, and I don't have to compete with Martin's polyamory. Apparently I'm fine with a simple life.

I don't even think too hard about whether I'm on "the right path" anymore.

I just live.