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My Book
I've been writing in this since I was thirteen in 2007. I still am writing in it, and it will probably be my legacy till the day I die. (Don't start reading from the beginning as my writing was atrocious then.)
YM Sword Tank

So this guide will explain a slightly faster variation of DPS tanking. At it's core it is extremely dangerous but fun. It also can produce extremely fast YM runs. Faster than "Speed" Ym. Its average room clear time is around 1 min and 6 seconds. The main difference between this and DPS tank is that the "Sword Tank" functions more as a DPS with heals rather than a Tank with attacks. Here is a Live video demonstration:

Me in orange doing sword tank // Video has 2 runs, second run starts at 27:00


DPS Requirements:
- Amps, SC, Revives.
- Fast DPS*
- Optionals: Cures // Boost

------Amps are required, to help make run faster but it also it helps keeps time for buffs. SC's are required sometimes, but the more experienced your Sword tank is the less you need to use it. Revives are required because the nature of the run is fast and, we really don't have time to null.

------*Fast DPS is a subjective term, normally what I call fast dps is someone who uses unsuppressed sets and r4 hacks constantly. Also people enter the room before or with tank. It's 2020, There are tanking strategies out there such as buffmule/4buff tank which doesn't need really need for "In on HP drop" Trust on your tank to keep you alive. If they can't keep you alive then they need more practice.

For Additional info how to build unsuppressed sets check this out: CLICK ME!

------Optionals: Cures are needed really only for NF to mob him, as well as to evade death when mobbing. Boost are optional, at its longest the YM should take 2 amps and boosts.

Crew Assignments:
5 attacks, 2 buffs, 1 passive: (Hack / Slash / Mantis / Bump / (Guns or Shuri))

- Rock // Halo
- Ninja (Div / Ghost / Mantis / Shuri)
- Tef // Keen
- **Trooper** (Sphere / Dens / Guns / Tape) (Treat tape like passive, Tape guide SOON though)
- Pot // Coy // **Sweetheart** (This person can carry 1 less attack or No passive)

**Trooper and SH are optional, but it will make the run less risky with it.**

Tank Requirements:
- Custom Hotkeys set to Crew members
- Amps and Sc's
- Unsuppressed Set
- Optionals: Cures and boost

------Custom Hotkeys set to crew are most definitely required for the tank as you're providing 99% of the heals, aside from DPS SC. It's also good practice just to have them even when doing other tanking strategies. Also effective in smob. Go to Menu > Options > Controls to create hotkeys. I have mine personally assigned to z, x, c, v, b for crew members 2 to 6. You need to refresh at dms entrance to have them aligned. Anytime you get a new crew or a replacement, a refresh for hotkeys is always needed.

------As the Tank, you will most likely use the most SC as you need to be healing on the side.

Tank Assignments:
Bandy // Diag // Wish // Iron // Hack // Slash // Mantis // Fitness or Integ

Unsuppressed numbers:
12.0 heals and swords, 7.4 iron, 1.0 passive

7.4 iron will sleep dps who is under 11.0, but if you're doing this YM strategy you probably shouldn't be doing it with crew members underneath 11.4


DPS Procedures:
------Avoid Soloing, Minimal split when possible. Because of how fast this type of run is you can't avoid split. But split should be even with 3 members per 1 mob, and should avoid a 2 member per mob type of split. If you're assigned trooper you may use tape to provide relief in the event of a "HOT" room. Non trooper DPS should avoid hitting sleeping mobs. If you're assigned SH, r1 sh on the entire crew and r4 on the Sword Tank. Avoid grabbing the entire room, usually upon entering room hit closest enemy. Bump and pin against a wall if needed. Know where to sit! If you see that the other half of the room hasn't been aggro'd yet don't go sitting there. Usually safest places to sit are by the entrance door of the room you came from.

Tank Procedures:
------Do not grab the entire room, focus and fight along side dps. This is the main difference between a DPS tank and a Sword Tank. Heal and fight along side your crew using Diag, and r2 wish. Diag will help retain the aggro on you. Because you're getting splashed at and fighting along side the crew, the crew will get splashed and get more increased rage thus more chances to r4 hack. You can r4 hack too when fighting. When crew is mob split in half, r2 wish the far split while using diag to heal near split. don't forget to r3 bandy yourself if you're low. The crew will always inevitably steal aggro from you giving you chances to sit and let them tank some damage, just don't forget to heal them!

NF Procedures for Tank:
------Normally leave NF last but there are some exceptions. Upon finding NF, if it is approaching you kite it and try to reset it. You still wanna fight and heal alongside the crew though. Once all mobs are dead, let crew mob it. When crew steals aggro, go in and heal them using diag r2 wish while fighting alongside. You can r4 hack the NF. Avoid healing crew members running away due to fear and focus your heals in the group of dps. Use cures if needed.

NF Procedures for DPS:
------R4 hack it, mob it as a group. If you are dying and have aggro, run away. If you do not have aggro and are dying, sc yourself and use cures but keep fighting until you steal it yourself. Trust Tank to heal you.

------Closing Thoughts:

-------I can claim that this method is faster than speed with 100% confidence. "YM speed" is a lie and isn't really fast compared to sword tank or even 4bufftank (Buffmule). Assuming that all DPS takes 4 attacks 2 buffs, Wish and 1 passive, while the "tank" takes 5 attacks, 1 buff, Wish and 1 passive; You can easily calculate the Potential Damage Output (PDO) to be a measly 25. PDO is calculated by the amount of attacks the crew brings overall. PDO of "Sword Tank" is 27 or 26. This makes sense because no one in the crew is doing focused healing. It's even worse if the tank takes 4 attacks in exchange for bandy for the "NF's". The PDO drops to 24. Assuming that the amount of SC's and amps being used is equal, "YM Speed" becomes an absolute waste of resources.

------Special Thanks:

For giving me the initial inspiration for this tank method. I saw you one time carrying 3 swords to YM once and I was like: that's ******** cool and I'm gonna try it one day.

For letting me take some inspiration from your super ninja speed and ninja speed runs back in 2014

Jimilar Jeff:
For helping me refine this tanking method with your additional curiosity and testing. as well as being a SUPER FAST DPS, fastest in all of gaia IMO. Also big thanks to your guide on unsuppressed sets, as it made it more accessible to users out there!

For sponsoring my powerup addictions and sponsoring my sword tank crews. Big thank you for helping me create the YM Science server, without it I wouldn't have been able to refine this tanking method.

For recording the video above! You're awesome.

For being the best trooper user out there, your use of tape is unparalleled. And for your tape guide in our discord server.

Stacey Amille, -GhOxT, Bunniys, and Mrs Fluffy Potato
For sticking and supporting me, when I was still first developing this tank method.

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Stacey Amelie
Community Member

Thu Apr 09, 2020 @ 11:21am

Why not post it in forums>? biggrin D You're kinda humble to post it in your journal ouo

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