Day idk and things are sad. I played a lot of Neo randomly through the day, gearing up to get ready to attempt at some more trophies tomorrow. Riperoni rip rip. Ate the last of the frozen dumplings today, and some more pasta. I think I might need to go for another grocery run this weekend, which is sooner than I expected.

Missing 334 lecture and tutorial. Going to have to make that up tomorrow. Moving forward with two of the applications at Wellesley, hopefully one of them works out and I can find someone to take the lease at Henry.

I'm so tired. Maybe I'll just sleep today. I think I'll write an excerpt of Sectionals sometime this week, maybe about Elizabeth and whatever Cello's name is (I still haven't given her a name, I think I want it to be Elena but then Viola is Ida and I feel like that's too close).