As the title says it has been a while that I have made a journal. So far the covid-19 of doom as taken over a lot of my life.
One major new change is I am now unemployed most likely till next august as i'm a substitute EA and that is if our governor doesn't extend it further, but as of right now New Mexico is looking very depressing at the moment. We are getting new orders, lots of safety tips, and just overall encouragement that we can get through this together if we work together.

So onto the personal note, yes I am a substitute educational assistant. I mainly work in the elementary schools and love to work with the kindergartners the most. Working as a substitute has no benefits except that I greatly enjoy my job and that I can make my own schedule of when i want to work thanks to my health I try not to over do it since I'm still recovering from the worst flu I've ever had last year.

Unfortunately it looks like i will be filing for unemployment do to the governors decision to extend the quarantine time frame and that i sincerely hope that others have done the same. I hate having to file for unemployment, because I always feel that others could use the services more, but I have to start thinking about myself and my family. My back up plan is also calling around to see if pharmacies and grocery stores have availability, even if its temporary at least i'll be able to get some form of income into the household.

remember lots of places need any help they can get and mostly whats available is stocking the shelves and keeping a watchful eye over customers. Also don't forget to network to see where you can find anything, check up on your elderly neighbors if possible, and stay safe out there.