I had a few dreams, a couple average sized and a few very short ones.

11 - 12 Hours Sleep

Very Little to No Control ( Except for one... redface )

1) A short dream, I was being watched or felt like I was and was being asked questions by someone. It wasnt much of a dream as it was more of a dark void/ waking dream all I mostly noticed was at the end shaking my head "No" to a answer.

2) A school dream, I was talking to a Teacher Lady ( Unknown/ Made up by my mind ) as I talkedd I gave her or well....turn in a paper I was writting? answering questions on? I walked back to a desk and sat down as she began to talk.... teach a lesson? Didnt make out any words in it at all

3) Walking outside at night, water running nearby but not very loud. Maybe a small river or stream? A small cat followed me watching and walking too as I made my way down a old dirt road in the middle of nowhere with trees and fields along the road.

4) [ Censored ] Me and a lady hugging and be close to each other kissing here and there... Lips, the neck, her cheecks, my chest...her....

Touching....( Cant say much more that happened here, you get where this is going. )