I had 3 dreams a smaller one, a big one and lastly one more small one.

6 - 7 Hours Sleep

Very little to No Control

1) ( A smaller dream. ) Im in a blank dark place, I feel like something bad is going to happen/ or come out of the darkness. But I calm myself down and reassure myself, "Everything Will Be Okay" and then that dream ends.

2) The Big dream I had, I was at the DMV for some reason with my Mom and there where people everywhere waiting thier turn and walking to office around us. We talked to a lady behind a desk. ( About my Mom's car? ) but the lady wouldnt help us andcontinued to refer us to other departments at the DMV.

My Mom argued with the lady behind the desk for a bitbut it didnt change anything and the lady still would not help us. So me and my Mom left the DMV angry and annoyed.

As we left I got lost for a moment as I needed to go to the bathroom, though luckily I found her again and we exited the building together.

When we got outside we walked up to a car ( Im assuming it was her's as I have never seen it before ) and me and my Mom drove away to another place in this city where the DMV was in.

Once we had driven and parked we began to walk for some reason to or next stop.
( Not sure why we didnt just drive there. ) As we walked we both started climbing everything including vehicles too which lead to my Momtripping and falling off a truck ( Which was like 10ft. off the ground for some reason ) and into a busy two way intersection.

When she fell Ishouted for help and a guy near the intersection tried to stop traffic,
( The guy was wearing Baseball Catcher's Pads for some odd reason? ) by the time I got to my Mom down at the intersection a car or two had passed carefully around her as we me and the guy in the pads called a Ambulance, about that time a flatbed truck ran on through running into my Mom.

I shouted at him the pads guy tried to stop him, but the guy made a rude gesture and tried to run away so I grabbed the bumper of his truck bed. While I did that I read his License # which said Bu waka 732

3)The last dream I had waw a smaller dream, I was walking on the streets a shopping district of North Korea ( No clue where this came from. ) Everywhere I look there are shops and businesses surrounded by bright lights some of them being neon lights.

But oddly I only ever see 4 people ( Korean Pedestrians? ) walking and then quickly leaving the streets after I see them.

I then see a shop ( Selling Video Games ) which seems out of place especially sense they are in English and a variety of games look to all be "Western" American games which wouldnt be there at all.