Since I found no kindness in either of those who have treated me poorly...
Since .... my life and my time are precious beyond the pain and deceit..

Thank you. Seriously, I appreciate all you have done. Although you have taken advantage of my kindness, I remain forever grateful. Without the pain you have caused me, I would not be the person I am today. No matter the love I have for someone, no matter the effort, friendship and care I offer to all people, I know that they can take it all. I will always give until I cannot give any more. Without the people who only take, I would have never known how invincible I am.
I will never become bitter for the people who left my life after I gave them all I had. I love and cared for them; there's nothing else I could do. So I live in content that I gave it everything I had. My purpose in life is to love, so the world can have it all. I will never suffer. I will take the pain because it makes me a better and wiser person.
Truly, I hope the best for you. I hope one day you learn and understand that you have taken from people without giving anything. One day you will get hurt like you hurt me, and I must ask you not to come to me for comfort. Do not come to me, because I will comfort you. No matter how much it kills me, I will never deny care to someone in need, therefore, you'd just be taken more from me.

With giving, there is time. Life is so short and we only have so much time in this life. So when someone gives, they are giving those very years, months, weeks, hours, seconds of his or her life. However, I will never look back and regret, for that will only waste even more of my time. I forgive and I forget so I can live in peace as well as others.

Thank you. Without people like you, I would have never known the pains of the world. I would have never felt the sting of a broken heart, loneliness and alienation. Without you, I would have never learned that I am strong enough to survive without anything in return for my love and time. Without you, I would have never known broken promises or mistrust. I would have never been able to understand that I do not need people to be happy; all I need is myself.

As long as I make sure I love myself, no one can hurt me. So when people come into my life, I have open arms. For the people who love back, I am able to appreciate what care feels like. Knowing that I have cared for everyone I possibly could, makes me feel so fulfilled. I am so grateful to know pain and love. The two have the most beautiful interaction. Love causes pain; pain causes love. They heal and destroy one another.

In this lifetime, I found the people I thought would be in my future have become only a memory in the past. And that's OK. Everything is meant to happen for a reason, even when we do not understand it. So all those so-called "friends" , "lovers" and all those head-over-heels relationships make you a better you.

Some people are selfish. Some people don't care about how anyone else feels. People will tear you limb from limb without even knowing it. People hurt. But you will always have you. Love yourself because no one can take that form you. I would have never had learn that if it weren't for those people who hurt me.
So thank you.